The Ultimate Survival Tips Neck Knife is Here! BEST EDC Bug Out / Camping / Paracord Blade? MSK-1

Survival Tips
MSK-1 Mini, Paracord Survival Neck Knife Video. Is the Msk-1 Mini the Best, All Purpose, EDC, Survival Neck Knife? You decide. Camping, Hunting, Bushcraft, Prepping, Tactical, Emergency Kits and Bug Out Bags… the MSK-1 is designed for YOU to wear ALL THE TIME because the BEST survival knife, is the ONE you have on YOU when YOU need it the MOST!

Here’s a LINK to Pre-Order MSK-1 Mini:


FULL DISCLOSURE: This is my Knife. After over a year of design, development, testing and review, I have found it to be the great EDC, paracord, neck knife… and a rugged, tough, versatile companion to the MSK-1 survival knife and ACS system. But it is my knife so I am biased. Watch the video and you decide inf the MSK-1 Mini Neck knife if for you. Let me know what you think…


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the LAST in our series of video supporting out MSK-1 Kickstarter Project. Next week, it’s back to training and review videos.

Thank YOU for your patient encouragement!


NEW! Ultimate Survival Tips Mini Paracord Survival Neck Knife – EDC, Hunting, Camping, Bushcraft – MSK-1

The MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife is designed to be a rugged, all-purpose, everyday carry survival blade that you can wear around your neck, slip in a pocket or pack, and bolt on… as a companion blade to our MSK-1 survival knife sheath system.

The Mini is fashioned from a single piece of .156 inch (or 4 millimeter) thick – black powder coated, semi-stainless, D2 high carbon steel. WE chose D2 for it’s amazing edge retention, toughness and wear resistance.

The 2.6 inch (6.6 Centimeter) edge is honed and then polished to razor sharp. The mild belly terminates at a clip point making the Mini fantastic for drilling, piercing, processing game… carving, slicing, fine detail and general utility cutting work.

The clipped false edge allows thumb or forefinger to sit naturally above the tip for precision cutting tasks.

With an overall length of 6.2 inches (or 15.8 centimeters)… the MSK-1 Mini provides a generous 3.5 inch handle that is ergonomically contoured for comfort and safety. Spine side jimpling and the sloped finger guard increase, grip and control.

The long center cutout reduces weight and is designed to hold a two inch mini fire steel rod OR MSK-1 handle survival kit components – for emergency use… when wrapped with your favorite paracord.

Strategically placed holes make it easy to wrap the Mini handle with paracord or lash the knife to a stick to make a spear.

The butt end pommel is designed to scrape bark and grind things… while it doubles as a capable firesteel striker.

Each mini comes with a sleek black, kydex sheath and the hardware needed to bolt the mini onto our MSK-1 Adaptable Carry System.

At the time of this video… the MSK-1 Mini Neck knife is available for pre-order through our MSK-1 Kickstarter Campaign… and on BackerKit following the Kickstarter Campaign.

Pre-Order MSK-1 Mini:

MSK-1 Mini – on Website:

THANK YOU for your encouragement and kind support!

And remember, BE PREPARED… Because You Never Know.


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