More Files For 3D Printed Guns Released

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The Wall Street Journal reports more than 1,000 more files to print 3D printed guns have been released.

Very good. I strongly agree with the Framers, who had time to examine the consequences of the laws they imposed on posterity, and the nerve to rule out the universal failures like gun control. And for those who would whine abouit criminals getting guns, what is the difference between a convict walking out of Huntsville Prison, and stopping at a hardware store so he could meet the wold properly dressed – and a felon who walks out of Huntsville Prison and stops at a known “safe house” to buy a stolen and trafficked gun so he can meed the world well dressed?

Today, that is about $450 or more, in favor of selling the trafficked fun. a source of guns that did not exist when our gun laws were rational. That is, before 1904.

Better yet, before 1896 when there were no restrictive gun laws at all.

And yes, that is correct. While there were a few towns with relatively high murder rates, they were far outweighed by the places that had no crimes at alll. Those communities made the “Wild West” one of the safest places you never lived.

In a well armed society, the law abiding inhibit those who live by breaking the law. Every criminal knows any “face to face” crime is likely to bring a hail of hot lead in his direction so “face to face” crime is a relative rarity. And for those who did not heed the warnings, the James Gang and the Daltons showed what happened when an outlaw band tried to hooraw a town.

So, given the history, I am in favor of the framers “Great objective is that every man be armed. As well as every woman.


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