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A boot knife is one of the best tools for prepping and knowing how to pick the best boot knife is extremely important.

Being a prepper means that you are self-reliant and that you have decided to take your safety into your own hands. A boot knife is one of the best tools for this and knowing how to pick the best boot knife is extremely important. Another thing you need to consider for your survival, especially to adapt to different weather conditions, would include having the best socks to keep yourself warm.

Boot knives are much easier and safer to conceal than firearms. In fact, you can fit this kind of knife into small compartments in your pants or bags. This trait will work to your advantage if you are entering an area with security checks, particularly those without metal detectors. In a situation like that, you can still conceal your knife and be eligible for entry.

Also, boot knives are much cheaper than firearms. After further understanding its usefulness, you can look at some tips on picking the best boot knife!

The Best Boot Knife: Blade-Point Design

In the market, boot knives come in a variety of blades, whereas you would normally find knives with a single edge and a clip point. This is important because it reveals how your knife would work in a variety of situations.

The straight back blade is the most popular blade point, and these knives have a straight edge, similar to kitchen knives. It is terrific for chopping and slicing, which is why it works great in the kitchen!

Next would be the sheepsfoot blade, which is ideal for slicing and cutting while you are still able to control the point. The main purpose of having a sheepsfoot blade is for cutting while minimizing your chances of accidentally piercing the point with another object. This is a popular tool that many people use when cutting seatbelts or restraints.

Another popular design is the spear point blade. A spear point blade is a blade that is symmetrically pointed. Additionally, it has a point that is in line with the center line of the blade’s axis. This is similar to the needle-point blade and both of these designs are good for piercing objects. Often, people utilize spear point blades as throwing knives since they are good for piercing.

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The Best Boot Knife: Suitability For Your Boots

Take note that there are some companies that specifically design boots to conceal boot knives. This would especially be true for hunting boots. These usually have built-in compartments or special straps for you to place the knife in. How easily and conveniently you can use boot knives would be dependent on the ring of your boots as well.

Those knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your knife can fit into your shoe while providing easy access. Also, guaranteeing that it is easy to carry would be essential for you as you move around during the day.

The Best Boot Knife: Length Of The Blade

There are three categories of blade length, which are the short blades, the medium blades, and the large blades. For short blades, one obvious advantage is that they would be easier for you to conceal compared to other longer lengths. Since they are small, you would be able to clip them on your boots easily and assure that they are less noticeable. They would also be more lightweight, which is important when you are traveling for a long period.

For medium blades, generally, this category refers to blades which are from 2.75 inches to 4 inches. This kind of blade is sufficiently large to ensure that you can cut deep enough. Nonetheless, it is also still small enough for you to comfortably hold it.

As for large blades, these are usually blades which are above 4 inches. Despite being harder to conceal, these knives would be excellent for self-defense. This is because you would be able to inflict the most damage with this length of blade. You can cut deeper, guaranteeing that you hurt your target to the point that they stop harming you. You would also have a mental edge over your opponent because of how intimidating the knife looks!

The Best Boot Knife: Edge Of The Blade

The type of blade edge would influence how you should wield the knife and if you would behave differently. For a straight-edged boot knife, you should consider this kind of edge if you would prefer doing push cuts. These are cuts that you make when you push the knife forward. This kind of wielding would be great for making precision cuts, which is usually preferred when you are peeling an orange.

Next, you can consider a serrated edge blade. This type of blade is also known as a dentated, sawtooth, or toothed blade. If you are considering cutting through tough materials, you should choose a serrated edge blade. This blade would be able to inflict more damage when you pull the knife out of the object, as compared to thrusting it in.

The combo edge knife includes some parts of the blade which are straight and some parts which are serrated. A combo edge would be able to cause damage when it goes in and even when it is pulled out from an object. The only problem you may face with a combo edge knife is that it is more difficult to sharpen. After considering what you are going to use the blade for, only then can you effectively decide which edge you would prefer.

The Best Boot Knife: Texture And Material Of The Handle

A handle is important because you need to be able to hold your blade comfortably. Some choices you should consider are the stainless-steel handle, the Titanium handle, or the G-10 handle. Stainless steel handles are really durable because they cannot corrode easily. However, it may weigh more when compared to other materials.

For Titanium handles, they are usually durable and lightweight. Titanium handles have the best of both worlds, but they can be quite pricey. As for G-10 handles, they are composed of fiberglass, which makes them lightweight and capable of resisting chemical reactions. Consequently, these handles are able to withstand different environments.


In summary, the fact that you carry a firearm will probably keep you safe. Notwithstanding, having a boot knife with you can be just the backup weapon you can use. As a prepper, it would not hurt to plan further ahead!

Employing a knife would be faster and more effective, especially when you are caught in a close-combat situation. This is mainly because a boot knife is easier to pull out and attack with as opposed to pulling out your gun. You may even need to take some extra steps if your gun has its safety features on.

After understanding how to pick the best boot knife, you should now invest some time in learning how to use it! This includes learning the best methods to conceal your boot knife or even knowing how to throw it.

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