It Melts? Why Did the Company Do This? Trangia Kettle Real Review

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Today Luke is reviewing a lightweight aluminum kettle that is made by Trangia in Sweden. It’s very basic and also, very inexpensive.

Question, why did they make it like this? They really should know better.

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Trangia Kettle Review :

Materials : Aluminum kettle, plastic grab knob, plastic handle cover, stainless steel handle mount and knob post

Dimensions : 3” high x 6” wide

Weight : 6.7oz

Price : $25

Versions : 20oz, 30oz, 47oz

Review Pros :

– Lightweight
– Sturdy enough considering it’s made from aluminum.
– Very good quality
– Good size options – the 30oz version is the sweet spot in my opinion, not too big, not too large.
– The price is excellent
– Pour spout is good
– Small vent hole in lid is a welcomed feature
– Handle locks into place when standing

Review Cons :

– Plastic Grab Knob – It will melt if you aren’t careful – I’ve been careful but there are plenty of reports of this happening even when using it on a Trangia Alcohol stove. I’m not sure why the company has done this to be honest, they have been around since 1925 and really should know better than to use plastic. If you like, you could drill out the rivet and replace the knob with something more heat resistant.
– Handle insulation again is made of plastic and will burn off
– No storage bag included to hold the components together. For $25 though, I’m ok with it. If this was more expensive, one should be provided.

Review Summary :

For the money, this is easily recommendable. It’s only $25 and it does everything that you would want from a kettle. The only issues that I have are with the plastic materials which are perplexing….like I mentioned earlier, the company really should know better.

This is a no frills kettle and there isn’t anything fancy about it…it costs $25 so if you keep your expectations in check I think you’ll like this product and get a lot of good use from it.

It’s a $25 aluminum kettle that unfortunately has plain-jane plastic on it that hot water will melt.
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