100+ Groups Representing Tens of Millions of Americans Launch Campaign Calling on Congress to Rein in Extreme Supreme Court

Gun Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. June 12, 2023 — A coalition of more than 100 grassroots organizations, labor unions, and advocates for reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, the environment, workers’ rights and more is launching United for Democracy (UFD) — a new nationwide campaign to educate Americans about the impact today’s Supreme Court is having on their lives, freedoms, and democracy. The coalition will harness growing outrage at extreme justices to mobilize the American people, advocates, experts, and political leaders and demand that Congress rein in the Court.

“United for Democracy is launching with a clear message in Washington, D.C. and across the country: This extreme Supreme Court is hurting workers, families, communities, and our country. We are standing together to organize, fight back, and demand change,” said Stasha Rhodes, Campaign Director of United for Democracy. “This Supreme Court has grabbed unprecedented power, rejected basic ethics, transparency, and accountability – and is implementing an extreme agenda that the American people have continuously rejected. We are launching United for Democracy to make sure people understand what’s at stake and how they can demand action from Congress.”

As the Court continues to release opinions that ignore precedent and judicial norms and are out of step with the will of the vast majority of Americans, the groups that make up United for Democracy are raising the alarm to make sure people understand what is happening — several of them for the first time. Representing tens of millions of Americans, United for Democracy is unprecedented in its size and scope. Founding members include the American Federation of Teachers, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, League of Conservation Voters, Giffords, National Education Association, Fair Fight Action, SEIU, NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn, March For Our Lives, Black Voters Matter Fund, Alliance for Justice, Demos, LUCHA, Texas Gun Sense, Keystone Progress Education Fund, Wisconsin Voices For Peace, UltraViolet, and more. 

The new coalition is launching with an initial $1 million ad campaign and plans to invest more over the coming months to get its message out, educate the public, and build pressure on Congress to act in Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. With much of the country turning its attention to these states, the coalition will tap into the power that attention has to shape the narrative on the Supreme Court for long-term fights. UFD will work with organizers and communities on the ground who are hurting and ready to fight back against the harm of the captured Court — all so the American people have extreme justices top of mind when making their voices heard.

Featuring a faith leader, teacher, gun owner, and parent, the ads will show the immediate and far-reaching consequences of the Supreme Court’s decisions — from making it harder for Americans to vote, to taking away reproductive choice, to enabling big money to dominate our elections, to siding with big polluters over our environment, to stripping us of the freedom to live safe from gun violence, to threatening decades of progress in equitable education. 

Following the campaign launch, United for Democracy will continue its coordinated efforts to encourage the American people to call on their Congress members to speak out in favor of reining in the Supreme Court, particularly over the August recess. 


 “The growing Supreme Court corruption crisis has highlighted how fundamentally broken our Court is and how urgently it needs reform. With United for Democracy, Accountable.US is proud to join forces with key partners to shine a light on the corrupt Court and demand that it stop putting special interests over everyday Americans,” said Kyle Herring, President of Accountable.US.

“Action Together believes the U.S. Supreme Court should protect the freedoms of all of us — no matter what we look like, where we live, how we worship, our gender identity, or who we love. Yet, an extreme right-wing, corrupt faction on the court is placing power and partisan ideology over the values of the vast majority of Americans and settled legal precedent. Action Together is proud to partner with United for Democracy to fight for a Supreme Court that protects our freedoms,” said Alisha Hoffman-Mirilovich, Executive Director of Action Together NEPA.

“The US Supreme Court has played a significant role in protecting our democracy for many years. But today, issues like reproductive freedom, election integrity, affirmative action, and our future are at stake. The U.S. Supreme Court used conservative legal precedent and interpretive reasoning to reach anti-democratic decisions that had an influence on millions of people’s lives nationwide. In order to restore the Court’s credibility and safeguard our democratic freedoms, Advance Carolina is eager to partner and fight alongside United for Democracy,” said Advance Carolina. 

“Unless we stand together, the Supreme Court is only going to further erode our rights, our democracy, and the quality of our lives and those of our loved ones. America is supposed to be a country where the rule of law governs, not ideology, yet in recent years we’ve watched this Court trample decades of precedent and eviscerate the rule of law to serve an ideological agenda. If that weren’t bad enough, we now know Justice Thomas has been profiting for his profane use of public office. Enough is enough; it’s time we defend our Court and take it back from those who would undermine its legitimacy and vital role in our democracy,” said Rakim Brooks, President of Alliance for Justice.

“The Supreme Court, in the pre-Dobbs era, had been the branch of American government most respected for ensuring the integrity of our constitutional democracy and the rule of law. We could count (and teach) the few cases that violated that trust, like Plessy v. Ferguson. Now, the current majority seems intent on routinely violating that trust. The Supreme Court’s majority seems more than willing to be beholden to the wealthy few and seems callously uncaring about the impact its extremist majority decisions have had on our communities. They have made our communities even more vulnerable to gun violence, taken reproductive healthcare decisions away from families and employment rights away from workers, and allowed corporations to pollute with abandon. The Supreme Court had almost always viewed the Constitution as one that protected and expanded freedom, not restricted it. This court fundamentally changed that. That’s why the United for Democracy campaign is so vital. It represents civil society coming together to say enough is enough. It is long past time for Congress to protect the American people and make the Supreme Court a functional part of our democracy and rather than central to its crisis,” said Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers

“An extreme right-wing judiciary threatens common sense immigration policy and thwarts desperately needed immigration reform at the expense of our short and long-term prosperity. Challenging the anti-immigrant judicial pipeline that blocks sensible policy is a critical part of creating a safe, fair, and just immigration system the nation deserves, and the United For Democracy coalition is an important part of that fight,” said Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice. 

“All Arizonans should have fair access to the ballot box. As we fight to expand the electorate and remove barriers to participation so that everyone has a voice in our democracy, it is clear that today’s extreme, activist, right-wing Supreme Court is a threat to every Arizonan’s right to be heard in their government. We are proud to join United for Democracy to stand up for Arizonans’ freedom and our democracy,” said Sena Mohammed, Executive Director of Our Voice Our Vote Arizona and Arizona Coalition For Change. 

“AZ AANHPI Advocates is joining United for Democracy in holding justices’ feet to the fire while they harm those who do not fit in their social circles. We want to see more harm reduction policies for our communities, but that cannot be done with SCOTUS’ extreme decisions that protect gun manufacturers, fossil fuel industries, and the militarization of the police state rather than the people of America,” said AZ AANHPI Advocates. 

“Black Voters Matter is partnering with United For Democracy to rein in the Supreme Court because the stakes for democracy are high. The Supreme Court’s actions and decisions can impact the rights and wellbeing of Black people in various ways, such as voting rights, criminal justice, employment, housing, and more. We have an opportunity to safeguard our hard-fought civil rights and build a more inclusive democracy to ensure all voices are heard,” said Cliff Albright, Co-founder and Executive Director of Black Voters Matter Fund. 

“The basic human dignity and fundamental freedoms of our families and communities suffer a devastating blow with every court decision that is driven by unjust extremist ideology and we must not allow the courts to continue to function as tools of oppression. As institutions that have been established as integral to upholding our democracy, the courts must be held accountable to a mandate that advances true justice, freedom and equity for us all. Black Women for Wellness Action Project is committed to the fight to reclaim our democracy in order to realize the vision of a liberated future for our communities,” said Onyemma Obiekea, Policy Director Black Women for Wellness Action Project. 

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade proved that the Supreme Court can no longer be trusted to uphold its own precedents, let alone our most basic freedoms. The Court is a body that’s wildly out of touch with the views of most Americans and the beliefs of the majority of U.S. Catholics. On issue after issue — from abortion to gun violence to voting rights — the right-wing Catholic ideologues who’ve taken over the Court have used it as a vehicle to impose personal beliefs on our civil rights. Congress must act decisively to rein in this extreme Supreme Court, end the judicial assault on our bodies, and restore and expand the rights that this Court has so callously stripped away,” said Jamie L. Manson, M.Div., President of Catholics for Choice.

“The Center for Common Ground has seen firsthand how recent decisions by the Supreme Court have created fear and confusion in the already marginalized communities where we work. We will not stand by and let unelected extreme right-wing justices dilute our voices and our power. We are partnering with United for Democracy to expose the biased and partisan decisions of the Supreme Court by shining a light on its wrongdoings and standing up against the court’s attacks on our communities and their freedom,” said Andrea Miller, Founding Board Member of Center for Common Ground.

“The Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) joins United for Democracy as an organization that has been on the front lines of mitigating the abortion access crisis following the sham Dobbs v. Jackson Whole Women’s Health Organization ruling. The extremists controlling the Court are usurping the will of the people. Their rulings continually pose a direct threat to the bodily autonomy and justice we advocate for by stripping people of basic human rights and protections. By joining this national campaign, we hope to shine a spotlight on the devastating impact that this Court is having on our families, our communities, our bodies, and our freedoms. CAF envisions a world where all people can exercise their reproductive choices without undue obstacles, where access to abortion is protected and accessible, and where everyone has the freedom and autonomy to create lives, families, and communities that are healthy, safe, and thriving. We believe that our current Supreme Court is a direct threat to this vision of reproductive justice for all,” said Chicago Abortion Fund.

“From the environment to students to reproductive justice — when the Supreme Court issues rulings that benefit elites and corporations, rolls back the policies that are favored by most Americans, and attacks our core freedoms — working families are hurt the most. We must stand together to take back our court — not leave it in the hands of a few monied interests who don’t care about the rest of us,” said Virginia Rodino, Executive Director of Coalition of Labor Union Women, AFL-CIO.

“Our democracy is under attack. So many in this country worked and fought to provide for equality for all and we have seen in the past few years, the clock turning back on this very progress. Progress for women’s health, voting rights, and even public safety, have all been compromised. We must work to rein in the Supreme Court in order to secure a true democracy for generations to come,” said Bianka Emerson, President of Colorado Black Women for Political Action.

“Common Defense’s members and veterans across the country are dealing with the fallout of this Supreme Court’s extremist decisions — from the overturning of Roe v. Wade to the kneecapping of the EPA. We are proud to join United for Democracy to uphold and protect fundamental freedoms, like the Supreme Court is supposed to, just like we did when we served in the military,” said Naveed A. Shah, Political Director of Common Defense.  

“CPD has fought hard to hold U.S. Supreme Court justices accountable and expand the High Court to stop a conservative majority that serves the interests of the powerful few. We’re proud to join the United for Democracy coalition at a moment when justices have gotten away with egregious ethical breaches, strong armed minority and dissenting voices, and ignored the will of the people,” said the Center for Popular Democracy. 

“The Supreme Court has been overtaken by extremists who are completely out of step with the American people. DemCast is excited to join the United for Democracy coalition because Americans must not stay silent about this. Together we can push for court reform to ensure a few unelected ideologues can’t take away our freedoms,” said Nick Knudsen, Executive Director of DemCast. 

“This extremist Supreme Court is leading an assault on our fundamental rights and personal freedom. This term, they’re poised to rule on cases that could shift the future of how we vote, how we learn, and how we live — all which will disproportionately harm Black and brown communities. We’re proud to be a part of this coalition that is not backing down against these threats to our democracy, and stands ready to build the one we deserve,” said Taifa Butler, Executive Director of Demos.

“We at Disability Victory fully support United for Democracy’s efforts to make the judicial system more accessible for everyone — and that means ensuring that the Supreme Court is representing the views of the majority of Americans. Disability Victory is a disability-led, disability-focused electoral organization, and as such, ensuring that every branch of government is accessible and representative is paramount to the wellbeing and success of disabled people and all Americans,” said Sarah Blahovec, Co-Founder, Co-Director & President and Neal Carter, Co-Founder, Co-Director & Vice President of Disability Victory. 

“In states across our country, we are witnessing the results of attempts by the far-right to subvert our democracy and reverse the hard-won gains of the last half-century — and now, these results reach all the way into the Supreme Court. When a handful of elite, extreme right-wing justices have the power to direct the future of voting rights in America all on their own, something is broken and needs to change. We expect our institutions to protect democracy and our freedoms, which is why the Drum Major Institute is proudly joining United for Democracy in demanding Congress step up, rein in the power of this radical Supreme Court, and ensure the people are heard in our country,” said Martin Luther King III, Chairman of the Board and Arndrea Waters King, President of Drum Major Institute.

“The United States of America has always turned to our highest court as a beacon for fairness and justice.  Without the North Star of our constitution, drafted to be a living document that grows with the needs of the nation while simultaneously keeping equity and fairness as our core principle, our nation would no longer be able to identify as a democracy. We are teetering on the brink of destruction of democracy and only an unbiased, nonpolitical United States Supreme Court can save it. Emancipate NC is committed to saving our democracy,” said Dawn Blagrove, Executive Director of Emancipate NC.

“End Rape On Campus is joining United for Democracy because we recognize that the domination of right-wing extremists in America’s judiciary poses a direct threat to the safety, rights, and protections of student survivors. As part of UFD, we aim to amplify our advocacy efforts and work towards a society where student survivors receive an education that is violence-free, and the justice and support they deserve are prioritized at every level where policy decisions are being made, especially at the highest court,” said Kenyora Parham, MSW, Executive Director of End Rape On Campus.

“As a Black-led voting rights organization working to protect the interest of Black Floridians, the vital role the Supreme Court plays in affirming or preventing public policy that impacts the communities we serve is not lost on us. We look forward to working alongside United for Democracy to not only educate the public about the importance of the Judiciary but working to ensure Justices are accountable to the United States Constitution and not the politically motivated politicians that appointed them,” said Jasmine Burney-Clark, Founder of Equal Ground. 

“We’re past any debate about a fair and balanced Supreme Court, which is dismantling generations of civil rights progress with the stroke of a pen. Our civil rights icons put their lives on the line to counteract historical and systemic racism in education and now these programs are at risk. We’re proud to join United for Democracy to fight for checks and balances, sustainable representative democracy, and a judiciary that curtails extremism,” said Lisa Holder, President of Equal Justice Society. 

“Equality California shares the deep concerns of our partners in the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement that the far-right majority on the U.S. Supreme Court cannot be trusted to uphold their own precedent or protect our civil rights. They ignored decades of precedent around reproductive freedom in the Dobbs decision, which raises serious concerns about future rulings, including 303 Creative v. Elenis, which could open the door to sanctioned discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. We are proud to join United for Democracy in protecting freedom and democracy for all Americans and in holding the Supreme Court to account,” said Tony Hoang, Executive Director of Equality California.

“The Supreme Court’s rulings have profound impacts on American lives: from safeguarding

reproductive freedoms to protecting the air we breathe. Last summer, we watched as the new ‘MAGA’ majority on the benchmade a slew of decisions that were deeply harmful to the American people. The Court’s ruling in West Virginia v. EPA dealt blows to the landmark Clean Air Act — a piece of legislation that is pivotal in our ability to ramp down toxic fossil-fuel pollution that’s harming frontline communities and fueling the climate crisis. Our nation’s highest court guarantees equal justice under law, but has failed to live up to that promise. This is exactly why we’re proud to support United for Democracy as they expose the damaging impacts these decisions have on real people,” said Lena Moffitt, Executive Director of Evergreen Action.

“Fair Fight Action is proud to join our allies to launch the new United for Democracy campaign. The same MAGA policies coming out of state legislatures across the country — policies that are stripping away citizens’ rights to cast free and fair ballots, make personal healthcare decisions, protect their families, and more — are sadly being upheld by several justices in our nation’s Supreme Court. And it’s no surprise. The far-right views that believe our country should work for some and not all, that believe corporations and the wealthy should have a larger voice than working people, who believe it’s acceptable to take away our freedoms, have seeped into every level of government from the state house to the court house. So as we continue to fight back against a raft of pernicious state laws, Fair Fight Action joins United for Democracy in demanding that Congress hold this extreme Supreme Court accountable to reflect the will of the people and our Constitution,” said Cianti Stewart-Reid, Executive Director of Fair Fight Action

“A healthy democracy is key to protecting the values that everyday Christians hold dear — including social justice, creation care, abortion access, and equal rights for all. We’re sick of seeing the religious right twist our faith and abuse Jesus’ name to wine and dine extremist justices whenever they can’t pass their hateful political agenda at the ballot box or in legislatures. Americans deserve a judicial system that respects the dignity and freedom of every single person, not just straight white conservative Christian men, and the grassroots Christian members of Faithful America are ready to make that vision a reality,” said Rev. Nathan Empsall, Executive Director of Faithful America.

“The strength of our democracy rests heavily on the integrity and legitimacy of our courts. We are proud to be a part of this incredible effort to protect our judicial system,” said Kevin B. Kimble, Co-Founder and CEO of the Financial Services Innovation Coalition.

“In recent years, the Supreme Court has approved partisan gerrymandering, gutted the Voting Rights Act, and allowed unlimited sums of money from corporations and wealthy donors to flood our elections. These rulings reflect a decades-long effort from corporate interests and anti-democratic forces to capture the Court. Free Speech For People is proud to join United For Democracy to fight to restore trust and balance to the Court,” said John Bonifaz co-founder and President of Free Speech For People,

“Today’s Supreme Court is archaically based on a law from over 150 years ago, when our country was on the heels of the Civil War, women did not have the right to vote, and the Civil Rights Act was 100 years away. Despite all the growth and change in the US, our most important cases are still being determined by a non-democratic and non-representative group of nine who are held to insultingly low ethical standards. This design is stunting our nation’s progress, resulting in a return to antiquated legal interpretation and the erosion of fundamental human rights. Friends of the Earth is proud to join the fight to restore integrity and balance to the highest court in the land,” said Hallie Templeton, Legal Director of Friends of the Earth.

“In the past decades the Supreme Court decided that corporations had the same political free speech as people, decided that for the first time in their history they would take our liberties away instead of protecting individual rights to privacy. We need to pay attention, we need to show up and let these justices know that they serve all the people and not just the rich and powerful,” said Dominique Medina, Co-Executive Director of Fuerte Arts Movement.

“We need a Supreme Court that represents all citizens. Instead, we have a Court that declares that corporations are citizens. We need ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’ Instead, we have a Court that is beholden to a dark money network funded by greedy billionaires. United for Democracy will work for judicial reforms that promote economic and political equality for all,” said Charlie Cooper, President of Get Money Out – Maryland.

“The Bruen decision caused confusion and disruption in the courts and for lawmakers trying to protect public safety. Gun lobby allies have launched an unprecedented number of legal challenges against gun laws across the United States, which led to a radical Fifth Circuit ruling that said disarming violent domestic abusers was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court now has a chance to reverse that dangerous decision, clarify what Bruen does – and doesn’t – require, and protect the range of common sense laws we know save lives. The Court must right the ship, rein in the extreme lower court decisions threatening gun laws across the country, and show that it’s not a rubber stamp for the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda. Failure to do so only undermines the Court’s credibility even further,” said Adam Skaggs, Chief Counsel & Vice President of the Giffords Law Center. 

“For far too long, the Supreme Court has sided with the gun lobby and the NRA and as a result, we have more guns than people in our country and gun violence has spiraled out of control. Guns Down America is proud to join the fight for an independent Supreme Court that is no longer in the pocket of the gun lobby,” said Shannon Grady, Interim Executive Director of Guns Down America.

“Indivisible is proud to join United for Democracy in its efforts to restore the public’s faith in the Supreme Court. The current Court is actively attacking our constitutional rights and as a result faces an ongoing — and growing — legitimacy crisis. The conservative majority has attacked our values — from voting rights to reproductive freedom — not based on the law, but based on their own personal political beliefs and operating on behalf of the interests of the wealthy elite they wine and dine with on private jets. It’s no surprise that the Court has the lowest approval ratings in its history. Enough is enough. It’s time for leaders in Congress to use their constitutional authority to reform the Supreme Court so that we can once again trust that the justices’ rulings are fair, impartial, and legitimate,” said Meagan Hatcher-Mays, Director of Democracy Policy for Indivisible.

“Our Jewish values say that our laws must be grounded in democracy. The duty of the nine Justices of the Supreme Court is to interpret those laws passed by our democratically-elected representatives, not to override the will of the people or allow personal politics to substitute for long-held judicial principles. JALSA is pleased to join United for Democracy to further amplify our commitment to an accountable judicial branch that transcends the politics of the day and is firmly rooted in the norms of our democracy,” said Cindy Rowe, Executive Director of the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action (JALSA).

“Keystone Progress Education Fund is joining United for Democracy because the stakes couldn’t be higher with our very bodily autonomy at stake. We have a Supreme Court that has been stacked with extreme, right-wing, activist judges and they must be held accountable. Our mission at Keystone is to do just that — to hold those in power accountable — so, how could we not be in support of this work?” said Laura Nevitt, Executive Director of Keystone Progress Education Fund. 

“Big polluters and other far-right interests have captured the Supreme Court and they are getting what they paid for. From undermining climate action to rolling back clean water protections to weakening voting rights, the extreme right-wing majority is pursuing an ideological agenda outside the law. We’re proud to stand with our United for Democracy allies to shine a light on this critical threat to our environment and our rights,” said Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters.

“Lowcountry Pride is joining United for Democracy because we believe in equality and equity. With LGBTQ+ rights increasingly under attack, we feel it’s important to encourage our community members to be engaged and informed in protecting those rights,” said Lowcountry Pride Board.

“After the termination of Title 42, with just one ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court could end any progress we have made for our DACA recipients. We hope for a permanent solution, but know that the Supreme Court’s impact this next month will carry great weight for the future of our country. That is why we are joining United for Democracy!” said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of LUCHA. 

“Young people today have only ever known a partisan and extremist Supreme Court. We are watching our rights restricted before our very eyes; we’re being stripped of the right to control our own bodies, the right to not be shot, and so much more. That’s unacceptable. We demand freedom for our lives, and March For Our Lives is excited to join this coalition to demand better from our courts,” said Natalie Fall, Interim-Executive Director of March For Our Lives. 

“In the last few years our judicial system has taken an extreme turn to the right that threatens voting rights, reproductive rights, and environmental rights among many others. It’s time that we all pay attention to what is happening with our courts and work towards a more equitable system that represents the interests of all Americans,” said Sommer Foster, Executive Director of Michigan Voices.

“Fair and impartial courts are at the core of a functioning democracy by securing the balance of powers of the political branches to protect the rights of minorities from political overreach. In the past decade since Shelby v Holder, the Supreme Court has continued to constrict voting protections for voters of color. We joined United for Democracy because we are deeply concerned about the growing politicization of the Court for the future of our democracy, which relies on the checks and balances the Supreme Court is designed to provide,” said Denise Lieberman, General Counsel of the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition.

“This Court has been packed by McConnell and Trump with right-wing justices who are using the court to advance a political agenda that has been repeatedly rejected by the majority of people of this country. They are using the court to accomplish what they failed to accomplish at the ballot box. This court is awash in unprecedented corruption in the service of right-wing crusades to strip us of bodily autonomy, poison our drinking water, flood our cities with guns, and take power from voters and hand it to corporations. It’s time for Congress to act to rein in and rebalance and reform this court and restore its integrity. If Congress fails, then voters need to take action. Millions of MoveOn members have called for Court accountability and reform and will continue to do so to fight for essential rights and freedoms,” said Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn.

“The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health reaffirmed that we can’t count on them to protect us and our rights. The conservative judges are a threat to all of our fundamental freedoms, from abortion and birth control to voting and LGBTQ+ rights. We are proud to join our partners in the United for Democracy Campaign as we continue our work to protect our democracy and stop the Court from enacting a dangerous agenda that’s out of touch with the values of Americans,” said Mini Timmaraju, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

“The National Association of Social Workers proudly joins United for Democracy in their work to organize, fight back, and demand change in the judiciary systemWe are emboldened to counteract the Supreme Court decisions that weaken our voting rights, limit our reproductive freedom, threaten the environment, and deny attempts to safeguard communities from gun violence,” said Anthony Estreet, PhD, MBA, LCSW-C, CEO of National Association of Social Workers.

“National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) has long understood the powerful role the federal courts play in our everyday lives, including the Supreme Court. They make decisions that impact women, children, and families for generations, which is why we need justices on our highest court who are committed to equal justice for everyone. NCJW is thrilled to join the fight for a Court that works for all of us,” said Sheila Katz, CEO of National Council of Jewish Women. 

“The National Center for Transgender Equality stands in solidarity with United for Democracy. We stand committed to championing the rights and freedoms of all Americans, which includes the transgender community. We’re ready to challenge those who subvert the majority’s consensus and amplify the real-world implications of the Supreme Court’s rulings. Together, we can ensure our Supreme Court safeguards freedom and democracy for every American,” said The National Center for Transgender Equality.

“The National Employment Law Project (NELP) is in solidarity with the majority in this country that calls for a multiracial democracy that empowers working people, protects fundamental rights, and improves lives for all.  We call upon this Supreme Court to permit the increasing numbers of workers to join unions, to join together to keep inequality at bay, rebuild the middle class, and dismantle racist structures that undermine our economy, communities, and our democracy,” said Rebecca Dixon, President and CEO of The National Employment Law Project.

“As Americans most of us want the same thing, a strong democracy that empowers each of us to shape our communities through our vote, allows us to access the same opportunities to succeed, and where everyone’s rights and freedoms are protected no matter their race or background. Sadly, over the last several years, Americans have seen the extreme majority on the Supreme Court roll back our basic freedoms, side against workers’ rights, limit voting rights, and attack our public schools. Alarmingly, they are just getting started imposing their hyper-conservative, radical agenda on us with more devastating decisions expected this term. The 3-million strong National Education Association is proud to join the broad United for Democracy coalition because educators know that it is time for Americans across races, places and parties to come together, as we have in our past, to demand a federal judiciary – and a Supreme Court – that represents all of us, not just the interests of the wealthy and powerful,” said Becky Pringle, President, National Education Association.

“The National Organization of Concerned Black Men looks forward to working with United for Democracy in its effort to spotlight ways in which undemocratic policies disproportionately impact marginalized communities, their families, our greater community.  We are united in the fight for equality and upholding democratic principles,” said Dr. Karen McRae, MA, MPA, DD President & CEO, National Organization of Concerned Black Men, Inc. 

“Connecticut and many states passed gun control measures after Sandy Hook and Congress passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act after the Uvalde shooting last year but now our lifesaving gun laws and our lives are in jeopardy. Last year, the Supreme Court justices, who are owned by the gun lobby — overturned a New York gun permitting law that was in place for over one hundred years. They removed the rights of states to regulate guns in public for the first time ever. The Supreme Court’s deadly decision in the Bruen case is now being used by conservative activist judges in lower courts to overturn common sense gun laws,” said Po Murray, Chairwoman of Newtown Action Alliance & Newtown Action Alliance Foundation.

“Oregonizers joins activists and organizations across the country in ensuring we restore balance to the Supreme Court. We will not tolerate extremists on the bench who seek to destroy the very fabric of our democracy. We must address systemic injustices and ensure true justice is served for all Americans,” said Ariel Knox, Founder of Oregonizers.

“A partisan right wing Supreme Court isn’t just dangerous. It is devastating people’s lives through the overturning of Roe v Wade and it’s damaging its own legitimacy through pro-corporate rulings backed by justices like Clarence Thomas brazenly accepting millions in gifts from billionaires. Now, more than ever, we need to overturn Citizens United to help restore democracy, but we know this court will remain staunchly opposed. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of United for Democracy,” said Joseph Geevarghese, Executive Director of Our Revolution.

“Most Americans think that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, and all Americans’ lives are impacted by their access — or the lack of it — to safe and comprehensive reproductive health care. There can be no democracy without bodily autonomy and the right to determine if, when, and how we carry pregnancies, birth children, and build families. Partners in Abortion Care is proud to join United for Democracy in fighting back against the activist judges seeking to strip Americans of these basic rights,” said Partners In Abortion Care.

“People Power United stands with the United for Democracy Coalition in championing power to the people and restoring confidence in the Supreme Court. For too long a right wing, conservative effort has been underway to erode the legitimacy of the Supreme Court by having it attack abortion rights, voting rights, gun safety reform, environmental reform, and other freedoms. There is no power like that of the people, and People Power United stands ready to protect our communities against any and all injustices,” said Laurie Woodward García of People Power United. 

“The all-powerful, extremist Supreme Court is impacting every single aspect of American life. From exacerbating wealth inequality, to impeding our fight against climate change, to directly threatening the future of our democracy, the Court is on a quest to permanently concentrate power in the hands of a few privileged elites, at the expense of everybody else. By joining United for Democracy, we are determined to make clear the stakes of this fight and ensure that the Supreme Court is reigned in before it can cause even more harm,” said Molly Coleman 

Executive Director of People’s Parity Project.

“We are witnessing our fundamental rights being attacked, undermined, and stripped away by the day. Anti-abortion politicians are hellbent on eliminating access nationwide, and continue to defy democratic norms to see their plans through. In the face of overwhelming support for reproductive freedom, opponents of democracy and justice have doubled down on their attacks — weaponizing the federal courts to push an extreme and dangerous agenda. It’s time for change. Planned Parenthood is proud to be part of United for Democracy, and be part of  the growing call for a judiciary that is just, trusted to protect freedoms, and reflect the will of the people,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

“Poder Latinx is excited to join the United for Democracy coalition to create awareness within the Latinx community and others around the impacts the Supreme Court has had on our democracy. Through our partnership, we hope to expand an understanding of the Supreme Court’s actions, as many Americans do not know that the Supreme Court has the power to impact their everyday lives, and show Latinx voters how voting has a direct impact on Supreme Court justices,” said Yadira Sanchez, Executive Director of Poder Latinx.

“At Progress Arizona, we believe that it is crucial to hold the Supreme Court accountable for its decisions that undermine our essential rights and protections. That’s why we’re joining the United for Democracy coalition to do our part to shed light on the Court’s harmful decisions that jeopardize Arizonans’ bodily autonomy, voting rights, and environmental safeguards. We are looking forward to the partnership and opportunity to empower our community with the knowledge needed to combat these abuses of power and to help usher in much needed reforms,” said Progress Arizona. 

“Represent Justice is joining United for Democracy because the goal of shining ‘a spotlight on the ways this Supreme Court is impacting our families, our communities, our freedoms, and our democracy,’ aligns with our vision of a fair legal system. We are all aware of the vitally important policy-making role the Court plays in the legal system. But equally important is the cultural significance that the Supreme Court has on our country and its institutions, and shining a spotlight on the actions of the Court can only create more transparent, credible, and fair decisions — a necessary part of a functioning democracy,” said Daniel Forkkio, CEO of Represent Justice.

“Reproductive Rights Coalition (RRC) is an organization whose mission is to fight for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy for all.  Free and fair elections are integral to maintaining the will of the citizens, including greater access to reproductive healthcare for pregnant and trans people.  Since the Supreme Court’s catastrophic opinion in Dobbs came out last summer, we’ve seen that where people are allowed to vote in fair elections, they vote for reproductive freedom. The Supreme Court holds the power under the Constitution to preserve each American citizen’s right to vote and to have that vote count equally — at this crucial point in our history, it must not abandon that role to partisan state legislatures. Therefore RRC is proud to partner with United for Democracy to help secure free elections,” said Reproductive Rights Coalition.

“We can’t stand by and allow this conservative, activist Supreme Court to slowly chip away at the hard-fought rights we have won in recent history. We can’t afford to go back to darker times when women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and workers were denied their humanity, dignity and their well-being. We join this campaign fully aware that another day of silence is another day we are closer to being on the chopping block of the conservative agenda. As a labor organization, we recognize the urgent need to protect workers’ rights, and it’s our responsibility to shed light on how Supreme Court decisions are hurting and alienating our members and all the working people who feed us, care for us, entertain us, build our shelters and our schools, and make our everyday possible. We join this campaign to save our democracy,” said Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. 

“The Secure Elections Network was founded to protect and advance election security.  We support all efforts to protect and defend fair elections without which our democracy cannot stand; however, the current Supreme Court has shown time and again that they do not support election security, voting rights, and/or fair legislative maps. We must fight to preserve our democracy against current decisions by SCOTUS,” said Stephanie Chaplin of Secure Elections Network

“The Albert Shanker Institute was founded to defend and extend democracy as the best guarantor of basic civil and human rights, at home, abroad, and in every facet of life. Our democracy depends on every branch of government operating with integrity. The Supreme Court needs our attention, our support, and our efforts to serve the American people, not the privileged few. ASI is proud to join United for Democracy,” said Mary Cathryn D. Ricker, Executive Director of Albert Shanker Institute.

“SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change, envisions an equitable nation where all people receive sex education, are affirmed in their identities, and have the power to make decisions about their own health, pleasure, and wholeness. Unfortunately, the current Supreme Court has demonstrated with its decisions, most notably in Dobbs, that it is undermining democracy by overturning the will of the majority of Americans. By joining United for Democracy, we’re committed to advocating for the rights of all Americans, especially those who are most marginalized,” said Christine Soyong Harley, President and CEO of SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change.

“Those of us in the Reproductive Justice community stand committed to protecting the rights black, brown, and marginalized people who are steadily being demonized by the U.S. Supreme Court. Together we can fight these attacks in the courts, the voting booth, the legislature, and the boardroom. SisterLove stands ready to fight,” said J.Christopher Reed, Policy, Advocacy, and Mobilization Program Manager of SisterLove, Inc. 

“The Supreme Court’s far-right majority has made a series of egregious rulings in recent years that undermine voting rights, civil rights, the environment, and so much more. These decisions are out of step with the majority of the population in the United States, and more importantly for us as Christians, they dishonor the image of God in every human being and the creation God has entrusted us with protecting. Sojourners is proud to stand alongside so many religious and secular organizations that share our concerns about this Supreme Court and are ready to push back,” said Rev. Adam Russell Taylor, President of Sojourners.

“Americans’ trust in the Supreme Court is at historic lows, and it is easy to see why. From justices overturning decades of precedent for partisan gain to growing ethics scandals, the Court’s conservative supermajority is undermining our democracy and our fundamental freedoms. As a co-equal branch of government, it’s up to Congress to serve as a check on the Supreme Court and restore trust in the highest court in our land. That’s why I’m proud to join our partners in the United For Democracy coalition to urge Congress to act,” said Sean Eldridge, Founder and President of Stand Up America.

“The right-wing Supreme Court justices are a clear and present danger to American democracy, our health and wellbeing, and our lives. This illegitimate Court has relentlessly rolled back our rights and jeopardized our freedoms — from silencing voters of color at the ballot box to loosening gun protections to restricting abortion access to putting our climate and environment at even greater risk, and more. We are proud to stand with our United for Democracy partners in calling on Congress to rein in this extreme Supreme Court,” said Sarah Lipton-Lubet, President of Take Back the Court. 

“More than 4,000 Texans die from guns every year, and Texas has experienced some of the most high-profile mass shootings in recent history. We know that there are evidenced-based policies that can prevent these tragedies. We need action and support at every level of government, including the courts, to ensure that our families and communities are protected from the trauma of gun violence,” said Nicole Golden, MSSW, Executive Director of Texas Gun Sense. 

“Feminist organizer Gloria Steinem said in a recent interview, ‘We have to understand that the Supreme Court only has the authority that we give it.’ The Outrage couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re excited to join United for Democracy and walk with a coalition of partners fighting back against the devastating impact SCOTUS is having on our communities. We’re here to fight back through consciousness raising, community building, calls-to-action, and more. We invite you to join us,” said Michelle Howell, Chief Culture Officer of The Outrage.

“Extremists on the Supreme Court are imperiling our freedom and democracy, undermining voting rights, worker rights, abortion rights, as well as gun violence and environmental protections. Their collective actions have led to a civil liberties and humanitarian crisis. The Workers Circle was founded by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who came to the US fleeing autocracy and persecution, and seeking democratic freedoms at the turn of the 20th century and that history grounds our work for a just democracy and human equality today. We are proud to be a founding member of the United for Democracy coalition to help the American public understand the impact of the Court’s decisions and to demand the democracy we need,” said Ann Toback, CEO of The Workers Circle.

“In the past two decades the judiciary has been hijacked and packed with conservative extremism that is beyond out of touch with the average American’s values. To our demise, such a lens has clouded justice’s examination, interpretation, and rulings on the law. Truth and Conciliation Commission has joined United for Democracy in an effort to shed light on the impact such extremism has had on sullying the law and the virtue of Democracy itself,” said Rev. Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding, Ph.D, Founder and President of Truth and Conciliation. 

“As Unitarian Universalists, we hold the democratic process as a sacred practice and moral imperative.  We must ensure that our highest court is accountable to the people and exists to protect the fundamental values of democracy and freedom. The rule by a Court with 66% of Justices appointed by Presidents who lost the popular vote is an affront to democracy. The recent rolling back of voting and human rights demonstrates that undemocratic processes will never produce democratic outcomes. We must build people power to reclaim our democracy to protect all of our freedoms. As Unitarian Universalists, our religious tradition affirms the inherent worth and dignity of every person and the use of the democratic process in society at large. The Court’s recent rulings have threatened our democracy today and for generations to come. As people of faith and conscience, must be united in the sacred work of protecting the promise of a government for the people, by the people,” said Nicole Pressley, Field and Programs Director of Side With Love.

“For more than a decade, the Supreme Court has systematically weakened our democracy, starting with Citizens United, followed by Shelby County v. Holder which gutted key provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and most recently in decisions claiming federal courts are powerless to prevent partisan gerrymandering. That’s why Voter Choice Connecticut welcomes the work of United for Democracy. Americans need to understand how the extreme conservatives on the Court are undermining our hard-won freedoms, including the freedom to vote,” said Jonathan Perloe, co-founder of Voter Choice Connecticut.

“Young people across America took action in the streets and at the ballot box when the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs v. Jackson decision last year. That’s because Gen Z doesn’t view this Supreme Court as being representative of America’s values or our generation’s vision for the future. As the nation’s largest Gen Z-led youth-vote organization, Voters of Tomorrow is excited to join the United For Democracy coalition in the fight against unelected right-wing extremism,” said Santiago Mayer, Executive Director of Voters of Tomorrow.

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade has had far-reaching and devastating consequences, particularly affecting BIPOC and low-income communities, and has amplified the existing disparities in access to medical care. This turn of events has been exacerbated by the extremist takeover of the Supreme Court, which has accelerated the decline of the Court’s legitimacy as an institution representing only a narrow segment of the nation. Abortion does not belong in the hands of politicians. Abortion belongs to the people. We Testify is proud to join United for Democracy to shed light on the profound impact these decisions have on people seeking abortions,” said Nikiya Natale, Co-Executive Director of We Testify.

“Why we are joining ‘as people of faith,’ we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country of origin, age, ability, or faith tradition. We believe in the rule of law, that no one is above the law, and that the integrity of our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is sacrosanct.  We look to the United States Supreme Court to be the court of last resort to protect everyone’s rights, including the right to bodily autonomy, to protect religious freedom but not at the expense of the separation of church and state, to preserve the authority of federal agencies to do the work they were set up to do without interference from activist judges, including the authority to approve medications and to enforce environmental laws, and to protect the rights of workers and voters over the interests of corporations. We call upon our elected representatives to restore the integrity of our Court,” said Wisconsin Faith Voices For Justice.

United for Democracy is a diverse and growing coalition of more than 100 grassroots organizations, labor unions, and advocates for reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, the environment, workers rights and more, all representing tens of millions of Americans. The new nationwide campaign launched to educate Americans about the impact today’s Supreme Court is having on their lives, freedoms, and democracy — and call on Congress to rein in its unchecked powers. www.unitedfordemocracy.us

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