Maine: Problematic Gun Bill Vote on Monday

Gun Rights

On Monday, June 12th, the Maine Senate will be holding a floor vote on LD 22, a poorly written gun bill that could result in the end of muzzleloader sales in Maine. NRA members and gun-rights supporting Mainers are urged to contact their lawmakers and request that they vote against the Majority Report on LD 22 to protect the sale of antique firearms and muzzleloaders in Maine. To email lawmakers directly please click the TAKE ACTION button below.

LD 22 is an overly broad bill that purports to ban straw purchases, which are already illegal under federal law. The MAJORITY report puts Maine out of alignment with federal law regarding the sale of antique firearms. This bill potentially entraps retailers and firearm dealers when they sell these antique firearms. For a state with a muzzleloading hunting season, this is of significant concern for sportsmen and sportswomen across Maine. To avoid this issue, it is critical Maine lawmakers vote AGAINST THE MAJORITY REPORT to avoid conflicting state and federal laws.

Again, please contact your State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE the Majority Report on LD 22.

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