Thank Your State Rep. Cole Hefner For Passing Legislation to Clarify Texas Law For Legal Gun Carriers

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Dear Texas House District 5 NRA Member:

The Texas Legislature adjourned last week from its 2023 Regular Session after having passed a number of pro-Second Amendment bills, including House Bill 1760 by your State Representative Cole Hefner.

The current prohibition in the Texas Penal Code on firearms possession at school-sponsored activities could be interpreted to include countless locations where school field trips, school organization fundraisers and after-school programs occur, including public and private venues that are not owned by or under the control of a school or educational institution.

HB 1760 makes it clear that License To Carry holders and permitless carriers in possession of otherwise legal firearms at these locations would not be felons simply because a group of students are present on the same premises. The bill clarifies that it is only an offense to carry a firearm where school activities are taking place if they are being conducted on property that is owned and operated by a school. 

HB 1760 has been signed into law by Governor Abbott and will take effect on September 1, of this year. Please send a quick note of thanks to Rep. Cole Hefner for authoring and passing HB 1760 this session, and to Governor Abbott for signing the bill into law!

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

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