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Announced in 2020, 6mm ARC is a relatively new cartridge, but it’s been steadily becoming more popular ever since. Some of its allure is that it has much better ballistics than 5.56 NATO all while producing similar recoil and being short enough to be used in reduced-size bolt-action rifles. It’s that last point that led to Howa’s recent announcement that 6mm ARC is now an available chambering option for its popular Mini Action rifle series.


Previously, Howa Mini Action rifles were available in .223 Remington, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62×39 and .350 Legend. Each has its uses, but none particularly excelled at long-range shooting quite like 6mm ARC does. It has slightly better velocity and trajectory than .308/7.62 NATO despite having less recoil and a shorter overall cartridge length. Being short enough to function in Howa’s Mini Action line made it an obvious choice for a new chambering option, as it provides all the benefits of a smaller and lighter bolt-action rifle while still being as capable as a full-sized one chambered for .308. Howa is currently offering 6mm ARC Mini Action rifles in seven configurations, including Standard Synthetic, Carbon Stalker, Carbon Elevate, HS Precision, EXCL Lite, Walnut and the APC Chassis.

Howa Carbon Stalker Mini Action in 6mm ARC.

All the new 6mm ARC Howa Mini Action variants are available with either a standard 22-inch barrel or a 20-inch light varmint barrel, but both come threaded and ready to accept a suppressor or other muzzle device. Both barrel versions also feature a 1:8 twist rate. The rifles are shipping now, and although MSRPs are not listed, the Howa Mini Action Carbon Stalker in 6mm ARC is currently priced at $999.99 by online retailers.

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