Maryland: Anti-Gun Bills Up For A Senate Floor Vote

Gun Rights

Despite the thousands of opposition requests the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee received, the committee passed Senate Bill 1, a gun-control bill that expands gun-free zones while leaving only law-abiding citizens defenseless, and Senate Bill 858, a bill that mandates firearm storage. SB 1 and SB 858 advanced to the Senate floor for a debate and vote. Please contact your Senator NOW and ask them to OPPOSE ALL anti-gun measures that would place further burdens on law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen!

Senate Bill 1 expands gun-free zones where law-abiding citizens will not be able to carry for self-defense. This patchwork of so-called “sensitive areas” does nothing more than create confusion for law-abiding citizens, while being ignored by criminals.  Proponents not only fail to explain how disarming law-abiding, trained, and licensed individuals will result in a safer environment, they present no plan to disarm violent criminals, who continue to break existing laws, and pose an obvious threat to the public’s safety.

Senate Bill 858 further mandates the “safe storage” of firearms. Maryland already has rigid storage requirements, but anti-gun politicians want to leave you defenseless in your own home. To be clear, NRA supports storing firearms in a responsible manner but not a one-size-fits-all government mandate on how to store firearms. NRA’s gun safety rules include “store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons,” and NRA materials offer suggestions on how a person might accomplish that. Despite existing laws requiring so-called safe storage in Maryland, SB858 would raise the age from 16 to 18 to handle a firearm, and would require all firearms to be stored unloaded, leaving you and your family defenseless in your own home.

Again, please contact your Senator today and urge them to OPPOSE any and all anti-gun measures that will do nothing to reduce violent crime in The Old Line State, and will only burden law-abiding citizens!

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