Report: “Black and White Americans Are Embracing The Second Amendment”

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The Antelope Valley Press reports both Black and White Americans are embracing the Second Amendment.

In this chancy world, where one never knows what will come next, personal protection or “self defense.” with police response edging ever closer to 12 minutes and threatening to become the day after never, your life, your families life, and your possessions are at the mercy of anyone who wants to take them unless you have effective defensive weapons.

Back when, I twice walked from Lemont to the loop – and exchanged greetings with a lot of nice people, both black and white. Two of the black gentlemen I talked with insisted on showing me the gun they had in Chicago – when they could not have a gun at all in Augusta and Cotton Plant, Arkansas.

And crime in those neighborhoods where the people were proud of keeping their own streets and sidewalks clea? The chart below shows what happened witn the city and State started systematically disarming Black residents in 1964 and 1968.

That flat bottom dip to the left of center represents murder during WWII, and the rise just to the right shows the results of rivalry between gangs that would loot railroad cars and sell the goods on the booming “black market.”

The decline just to the right of the black market surge shows a city where any resident could own a gun and keep it at home, or transport it in a case afield or to any of a number of ranges.

The straight segment rising shows the results of Hollywood’s “semd tje ar,u amd cpmfoscate tje, a;;” campaign and the near vertical rise begins when Illinois FOID system made it difficult for Black Chicagoans to get permission to own a gun.

As you can see, even in the worst of Prohibition Chicago was a relatively safe city for everyone but bootleggers. But that changed when gun control came to deny the law abiding their God given right to defend themselves.

Given the world as it is, everyone who values their life, the lives of their families and neighbors, and their possessions should arm themselves.


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