Why Do European Countries Have Much Lower Crime Rates Than The US?

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A Maryland URL asks if gun control is so bad why to Europeant countries have much lower gun crime rates thanthe US?

As far as “gun crimes” are concerned more than 80 years of very restrictive gun laws plus an honest effort todry up the sources of black market guns in most countries has limited the number of guns available to the criminal underworld. Contrast that with the US, where State Legislatures and Congress seem to go far out of their way to avoid inconveniencing those who live on the proceeds of crime, and actively tolerate gun theft and gun trafficking and the reason for the surprisingly small difference is quite clear.

But does it really matter to your spouse that you died of a bullet to your brain, or bled to death from a severed jugular vein? Whe we compare US and European crime statistics, Europe is far more violent than the United states.

For the U.S, our 2018 aggregate violent cr4ime rate was 290 crimes reported to the police for every 100,000 population. Pu the way the UK reports violent crime that is a rate of 0.38 violent crimes per 1,000 residents for all Americans older than 12.

Turning to the UK, the aggregate violent crime rate for 2018 was 27 per 1,000 residents between the ages of 16 and 65. On the crimes per 100,000 basis that is the international standard, that amounts to 2,700 violent crimes in the restricted age group, 7.1 times the US rate for violent crimes.

The chart below shows the trend in European crime as the EU demanded stiffer gun laws as the US generally relaxed those laws

The solid line s+hows the trend in the US, one that still continues where gun control pressure has not been too great, and the rise in European crime continues to this day, with the UK violent crime rate varying between 27 and 29m 2700 and 2900 by the international standard we use.

And of course those are the facts about “low European crime rates. And all that proves is that when guns are denied criminals many will choose a day job, while others will go to knives. And when knives are outlaed, a rock in a sock gets the job done, and is far more likely to result in debilitating injury than a clean bullet hole through a non-vital bdy part.


Oops! The chart is from a University of Padua study with a title that translates in part to “REVERSAL OF MISFORTUNE, the decline of crime in the USA while crime in Europe surges.”

The UK violent crime rate is from the Office of National Statistics Crime and Justice website, but the relevant data in Table 1 is particular about what you open it with.

The US crime rates are from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report or 2018.

Google will give you the site, and the results of a search are more credible than any persons statement.

If you cannot find them, drop me a comment and I will post the web addresses.


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