Ironic! Gun Ban Minions Gripe About The Rise In Crime That Results From Their Efforts

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This YouTube clip is typical of the propaganda the gun ban industry is feeding the masses wunwise enough to still watch the glass teat.

History and crime statistics from anywhere youi please with restrictive gun laws demonstrate that a gun ban campaign is as bad as a bundle of gun ban precursors, such as the Bloomberg-Northam bundle imposed on the law abiding Virginians earlier this year.

The gun ban campaign Bloomberg and his minions have put on since 2014 has stopped the long term decline in homicide and violent crime the shooting community has been working for since 1992, and revered that trend. Add job loss and the uncertainties related to coronavirus, and legislatores who will not believe the FBI, Canada’s StatsCanada, Englands Office of National Statistics, Germany’s ABK, and the rest of the 160 some governments that report crime statistics to see what the consequences of the laws they impose on the law abiding – while studiously ignoring the criminals who cause almost all of the problem – are the primary cause of thi increase in violence across America.

But Bloomberg’s minions make much of the increase in crime brought on by a gun ban precursor campaign, while studiously ignoring the cause. So if you listen to the banners, when they get a bundle of gun ban precursors signed into law, they expect crime rate charts to look much like this:

Tha expectation is quite understandable, considering the amount of money spent persuading the public that guns cause people to commit violent crimes. But what they get is very close to this:

Something Bloomberg and his minions count on tp se;; actia; gim bams spmce tje gim bm [recirsprs are om [;ace.

I find it ironic that in this “information age” those doing the propagandizing cannot take a coffee break and look at the official crime numbers before and after “gun control.”

A better term for those laws wouild be “criminal protection acts,” since crime goes up, the percentage of crimes “solved by arrest falls, and the grief of the victimized and the befreft spreads like an evil mist across the land.


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