Gun Sales UP Says Paper, But A Pandemic Is No Time To Buy Guns

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California’s San Jose Mercury News, which has been anti gun since 1964, says gun sales are up in California, but a pandemic is no time to buy a gun.

I would argue with that, since I strongly believe the time to buy a gun is the first day it is lawful to do so, and regular practice helps make you proficient in your gun’s use.

Why? Because when people are free to keep defensive weapons against the day of need, the days of need get further and further apart and the crime rate crashes.

The chart below shows how progressively relaxing restrictive gun laws, including taking local law enforcement approval before you could buy a gun aas had the violent crime rate pushed up from the very low level of the early 1960’s to the third world violent crime rate from 1985 to 1993, and how relatively relaxed gun laws have caused a reduction in crime since 1994.

Pick any gun control you wish to, and you will find much the same thing. Tightning gun controls drive violent crime rates up, but allowing citizens to buy and keep whatever defensive weapons they think will fit their needs will drive violent crime rates down. Each time, every time.


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