How Much Ris Is There In Keeping A Gun At Home?

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A South Carolina URK asks about the gun ban industry’s fable that “A gun in the house is more likely to kill a family member than prevent a criminal act.

That depends on where they live, and whether or not the shooting community’s free gun safety for children programs are allowable.

The most dangerous venues are the black neighborhood in venues where the free lesson to children is “If you SEE a gun, STOP what you are doing, and GO get an adult. That free program has cut accidental firearms deaths from more than 6750 deaths in 1963 to an estimated 475 shooting deaths, falls out of tree stands, off embankments or even cliffs, and other outdoor and gun related activityies.

For children, the international standard for childhood is from the first to the 16th birthday, had a official count of 81 in 2015, and a media count of 69 in 2019, down drastically from the 490 children killed in firearms accidents in 1*94.

Then as now, the most common childhood firearms deaths ocurred in places with strict gun laws and “therefore no need for gun safety training.

The worst example is Chicago, where 30 years of an absolute ban on guns left only criminals armed. That demographic loses almost 20 children a year out of a total population of some 250,000 minority children, who only know what they see on TV about guns.

Nationally, the accidental childhood firearms accident fatality rate is six per million, concentrated in a small number of urban areas.

For children generally, the rate is 0.0015, or 6 childhood accident per million children. in those cramped urban environments. Outside those areas, where citizens who have never been convicted of any crime buys millions of guns every year, the overall rate among children is – One eighth of a life for every one hundred thousand children, aged between the first and sixteenth birthdays.

When you subtract the estimated number of ghetto children, you come up with a child accidental gun death rate outside the ghettos amounts to one child’s death per million children – a number well worth any amount of effort to reduce.

But the reason the ghetto children’s accidental firearms death rate is so high is simple Those children have never been “exposed” to a legal gun, and their officials refuse to allow absolutely free advice to small children that guns are not toys.

Therefore, the fault is not with guns, or lawful gun owners, but is with those who refuse to allow children to be taught to go get an adult when they see a gun until they are adults.


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