Surprising advice From US News” Practice Gun Safety, For Everyone’s Sake”

Gun News

The reality is that US News is as eager to see an end to private gun ownership as it has been since 12/5/1963, and this item merely restates the anti-gun propaganda of the American Association of Pediatrics.

And the risks of ignoring the gun ban industry’s warning is merly to look foolish for a few days in a world where uninformed remarks pass for news and are then forgotten within minutes.

When JFK was murdered tje “best estimate” had it that firearms accidents cost the lives of 1800 children and 4,750 adults every year.

A decade later the Center for Disease Control did the first of their massive “causes of death” survey of death certificates and found there were just 1,800 fatal firearms accidents, with over half involving gun handling errors.

Today, the number of children killed in firearms accidents, using the international standard of subjects aged from 1 year to 16th birthday is just – well, read it for yourself.

That is a little high, since the numbers seem to be loaded to urban areas where the gun safety programs sponsored by local and State gun cclubs and the International standard is forbidden.

And the total number of fatal firearms accidents? Counting a number of deaths from falling out of “tree stands,” off cliffs, drowning from falling into deep water, and so on we have a total of 432. But this is what the CDC says we have”

So, anyone omc;omed tp wade tjrpigj tje CDC’s WISQARS “Leading causes of Accidental Death web page can determine for themselves what the official situation is.

And if they live or work in gun control cities like Boston, Hartford, BNew York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, or any heavily settled part of California and you want to help lower the accidental firearms death rate, get on your mayor and city council to allow America’s ;aw abodomg gim pwmers to teach kids. particularly inner city wee ones, that “If you see a gun, stop what you are doing and go get an adult.”

In short, get the worlds most effective gun safety program a chance to help stop the carnage.

Which is tdown some 92% since Hollywood began demonizing law abiding gun owners to preserve actors and studios “Residual,” sometimes called “Rerun” payments.


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