LA Times Shoots Holes In Its Reputation With Claim Gun Laws Save Lives

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The LA Times says it should be obvious to anyone that gun laws save lives. When and where? California? When the once golden state was obedient to the Constitution the homicide rate was below 1.5 per 100,000 residents.

When current demographic factors and the economy is factored in, California should have a murder rate of 1.8 2 per 100,000, but the reported homicide rate is 4.4 per 100,000 pinoytube, with other violen crime rates at as much as quadruple the rate of the aggregate of all population and economic groups should have.

Canada? Their overall crime rate is almost twice the US rate, according to the government statistical agency, StatsCanada.

England? According to the Office of National Statistics, the United Kingdom has a violent crime rate that is almost six times the U.S. violent crime rate – but guns are supposed to be limited to large animal husbandry such as cattle farms. Tet subce tge YJ gas babbed nist guns, including the Olympic teaams guns, violent crime is up more than 600 percent.

How about France3? No joy for gun banners there. Nor in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, nor any other country of Europe. No country in Asia or Africa has seen a decline in murders or any other form of violent crime.

South America – has some of the most stringent gun laws on the planet – and five of the six highest crime rate nations. Asia? Most Asian countries limit guns to trusted and high level members of the ruling Communist Party. The results can hardly be called typical but even there, crime went up sharply when Stalin demanded Soviet citizens turn in their guns.

And the first action taken after the guns were confiscated was called “Holodomor,” and deliberately starved more than ten million disarmed Russian citizens to death.

Poland, a Socialist country of 34 million has less than 20,000 legallly held guns – but the rime rate is similar to what we had in 1992, before relaxing gun laws proved to cut the incidence of violent crime.

Australia? Not according to the crime reports in the various local newspapers, which report more than six times as many violent crimes as they reported in 1996, before gun bans.

And in the 40 States and the District of Columbia violent crime has been proven to be inversely proportional to the percentage of citizens who own guns. Restrict gun laws are followed by a surge in violent crime, while relaxed gun laws result in a decline in violent crime.

That is, as a University of Padua study concluded, a “reversal of misfortune” when the facts are compared to Socialist opinion on gun control. Here is a chart of crime in the US and Europe from that University of Padua study showing what happened when many states relaxed their gun laws, while the European Union forced EuroState governments to progressively tighten gun lawsL

The sharp rise in UK crime begab wgeb YJ ciyrts aoorived Higb Nahir;s gyb babm byt tge :deckube: tt the end of the trace cam when the reporting agencies “fudduked wutg the numbers. When Major signed the gun ban the violent crime rate was 440 per 100,000, for 2019 it was 2700 per 100,000 population.

So the bottom line is simple enough. Try as you like, there have been 58,173 restrictive gun laws, beginning in 1495. Of those, not even one of those laws that were regularly enforced has reduced crime, made anyone safer, prevented political assassinations or had any effect a sane human would consider a benefit.

And that puts the LA Times well on the way of winning the Liars Club award for the year.


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