Anti-Gun Business Insider C;ao,s Stroct Laws Against Child Access To Firearms Would Save 2500 Lives A Year!

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Business insider is a known carrier for gun ban propaganda – although they prefer to call it “gun control.

The latest propaganda to hit the search engines is a claim, linked above, that strict child access laws would save 2,500 lives a year. Presumably they mean children’s lives where the actual total wouild be what age group you consider a High percentage of Americans cut that off at the 13th birthday. but on the other hand, some gun ban groups consider 65 the upper cutoff date for childhood.

But let us be as inclusive as possible, and extend the age of childhood to 85, plus, and would include all accidental firearms deaths. How many accidental firearms deaths are there:

Here is what the Center For Disease Control estimates based on a massive survey of death certificates.

Of course, this includes “hunting accidents” such as falling out of a tree stand” falling into a raging river, and falling off a cliff so this number is a bit high. But even at that, ot wpi;d tale ,more than five years of gun related accidents of all kinds to total what business Insider wants to claim for one year.

If you go to the International standard of 1-15 most restrictive cohort, the 1 to 12 year old group, you will find there were far fewer accidental firearms dealths, most in cities where the shooting community’s free gun safety training has been denied:

At this rate it would take 30 years to accumulate 1,400 accidental childhood firearms deaths. Even if we included murder as an “accident” it would take almost three years to total 2,500 shooting deaths, Clearly, even the most elementary fact checking was not done in this Business propaganda piece.

For the knolegeble, Business Insider has come away with a badly tarnished reputation. But whether management cares is open to question.


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