David Kopel Traces The Racist History Of Americana Gun Control

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This is a good article for everyone to read, especially those fighting for gunrights in Bloomberg’s America. Mr. Kopel is a well known friend of ours,, and is expert on the law and history of restrictive gun laws. https://pagetwo.completecolorado.com/2020/06/14/kopel-the-pro-slavery-origins-of-american-gun-control/

Let me add that when Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic Party, the systematic disarmament of both slaves and freedmen had been an established fact in the British’ North American Colonies for more than 170 years. Jackson merely adopted established societal norms as a part of his party’s guiding principals.

But times changed between 11830 and 1860. The rise of the Abolistionist Party divvided the country, and Jacksons Democrats took the side of the Sourhern plantation owners. The result was a divvide that split United States along the industrial North, which ussed cheap raw materials from the Sout and thought that maintaining the slavery system in the South would continue to provide cheap iron from Alabama, cotton and wool, and agricultural products that could not be grown in the North depended on slavery to keep the price down…

And the largely agricultural South, whose slave owners paid out an average of $`.00 a day for a slave when a skilled Irish farmer or general worker was paid only $1..25 a week. It should go without saying that the Southern producers were desperate to get rid of slavery, but could not because if they set their slaves free, they had to pay off what they owed the Boston Bankers on the note that bound the slaves to him.

And so the misnamed “Civil Wa began – and Southerners rushed to Montgomery, where House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1 ending slavery when the war was wpm banned slavery and paved the way for full human rights for the former slaves.

When the war was over, the South lost, and the carpetbaggers swooped in with bags of notes that had no chance of ever being collected to foreclose on. When the dust settled, the Democrats ran the South, and the notorious “Black Laws,” many unwritten, kept Black Americans disarmed until some easing after WWI allowwed Black Americans the right to keep a shotgun for hunting.

Guns that were eventually confiscated by lily white city and State administrations where Black’s had been lured by promises of relief, free food, free housing, and other perks. Provided they lived without a man n the house, and as long as they gave up their guns when the palefaces running the cities gave the order to give up their guns.

What happened when the guns were outlawed. Chicago provides as good a snapshot of the results of banning guns as any, beginning with Illinois FOID Law, beginning January 1, 1968,

As you can see, Hollywood’s gun ban campaign resulted in a sharp increase in violent crime and murder numbers. The Illinois Firearms Owners Identification or FOIDD system too effect January 1, 1968, and resulted in a small decline lasting only three months as criminals waited to see if the State was going to send in National Guard before it was off to the races again, but with an even faster increase.

The peak at 1976 shows when Chicago followed many other cities and started under reporting the real violent crime numbers. The next peak, in 1982 is a highly edited number and shows when Mayor Jane Byrne signed an almost total gun ban into place, and the 1996 peak shows the results of the city arresting the city’s most influential gan leaders, resulting in a free for all between gangs, with stolen and trafficked guns for weapons instead of shillelaghs.

Chicago’s results with gun control are typical of 525 years of gun control, starting in a German duchy in 1495. So far we have more than 25,073 restrictive gun laws on the books withouit a single success.

t you will not convince a bull gun baa activist that gun control has never worked. If you feed them enough faures they will break off the conversation saying they are convinced “that a p58perly written gun control law would eliminate crime.” The odds against that are 2^58173 [Twio raised to the fifty seven thousandh one hundred seventy third power] Given that, there is no expectation that humans will last long enough to find a successful gun control law.

So click on the link and read Mr. Kopels very educational article.

Then remember that the only thing to ever come out of gun control is absolute control over the people.

Then vote for freedome instead of slavery.


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