Three Things to Consider Before Buying Trekking Poles

Survival Basics

Tired of staying at home and scrolling through everyone else’s scenic social media photos? Then gear up for your own outdoor adventure. If your plans involve hiking in the mountains, running unpaved trails, backcountry camping, or all of the above, consider investing in a dependable pair of trekking poles. While they may look simple, the latest generation of trekking poles are tools engineered to increase your comfort and safety across a wide variety of terrain and conditions and provide extra stability when climbing and descending hills. If the weather turns sour, trekking poles will help you tackle wet, icy, and snowy surfaces. The added support cushions your knees and ankles, enabling you to keep pushing ahead. Whether you are new to hiking or just need a new pair of trekking poles, here are three things to think about before making your purchase.

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