“Gun Owner” supports Gun Ban Industry Call Foor New Laws

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MSN reports Sophia Bush as a gun owner who wants the laws that Bloomberg is pushing, withouit regard for the certain consequences. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/gun-owner-sophia-bush-calls-for-much-stricter-legislation-on-gun-ownership/ar-BB15337L

For example, the gun banners “assault weapon ban and confiscate” laws the Bloomberg backed gun ban industry wants has an evil history, since gun confiscation led to Ukraine’s which cost the lives of up to 12 million Ukrainians a majority of those children.

Similar laws resulted in the disarmament of minorities in Germany, and the ttransportation of millions to camps where they were exterminated.

Backgroiund checks have alsoeen figured in democide. For example, every member of Germany’s National Socialist German Workers Partycarried a permit to buy whatever guns they wanted. But if you were a member of a minority, you werebound for the gas chamber, unless you died as an example for the locals first.l

Gut the lady igun ban advocate says she wants gun to be regulated like cars. But you do not have to be law abiding and clear a background check to buy a car.And drivers licenses?

Drivers licenses were instituted as a taxation measure. When the courts started questioning why a person should be charged more than a days pay the object became to collect the revenue for the State and to keep the decrrepit from behind the wheel. They were only expanded to include vision and a rudimentary driving testg

If the gun control laws worked, America’ largest and most law abiding affinity group, s shooting cinnybutt wiykd syooirt tgen, ?But to dae at least 58,173 such laws have gone on the books without a single success. And that makes gun control the last thing a civil society wants or needs.


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