How to Stay Bug Free With a Tarp – Shelter Options Addons

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In this episode Luke is discussing with you all how to stay bug free while using a tarp as part of your shelter system. He touches upon multiple pieces of gear which can add to your comfort and more importantly, safety!

Always : When setting up camp, take time and clear the area as good as you can; pick up stick, rake leaves as bugs will make their homes under such debris and will also use such as insulation.

Side note : This is one reason why you should think twice before using debris as insulation in a bushcraft situation or survival event. Right time and place folks. More on this in the future.

Options :

Traditional Bivy – open and closeable; bivys have many pros and cons and I have a video discussing these if you are interested in learning more

Bug Bivy :

Tent Body – consisting of poles and mesh and floor inner. If you have a tent already and a tarp, you are set as you can use the body from any tent. There are some companies who make bug tents for specific use with a tarp.

Another example – Catoma Adventure Shelters IBNS (Improved BedNet System)

You may be thinking, why don’t you just bring a tent and the biggest benefit here is airflow; this is especially beneficial for areas where you have high heat and high humidity. With this sort of setup, you will be far more comfortable than being in a tent.

Mosquitoes Net : You can also find mosquitoes net online from many companies; this works but isn’t my favorite option due to difficulty of use in some areas. Being influence by the wind unless you take further action, no floor and so on.

Groundsheet which has been treated with Permethrin – this works for what may crawl its way to you but you will have to treat yourself for the flying variety. This is an option which I’m surprised to see on youtube that no one else mentions. Works very well but in some areas may not be completely bug free especially in areas where you have genetically modified mosquitoes like in Montana.

With these setups, you can piece together lightweight systems which will keep you dry, provide excellent air flow and will keep you bug free. This is more important than ever thanks to the rise of lyme disease. Lyme Disease isn’t to be messed with; you don’t want it so be smart folks!

Systems will vary in terms of weight and also price; it all depends on what items that you piece together.

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