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Savage 110 Ultralight

Lean, accurate and well priced, the Savage Arms 110 Ultralite is ready for your next backcountry adventure.

Stripped down and light … there’s a time and place for it. Say, for example, elk season and that saddle two ridgelines back. About then not only does it pay to weight out your kit, but also run a rifle lean and tough as a belt-holder welterweight. Of course, you’ll pony up a mint to procure such an iron or you would have until late.

Mountain rifles still run at a premium end of the market, logical given their use of cutting-edge lightweight materials. In recent years, with bigger names jumping into the game, the specialized shooters have become less exorbitant, though still on the spendy side. Case in point, Savage Arms 110 Ultralite.

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Built on the company’s tried-and-true Model 110 action, the gun has a number of notable modifications to make it near as easy to hump in and out of the woods as your shadow. Chief among these, a carbon-fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel. Manufactured by PROOF Research (Who else?), the fire tube not only lightens the 110 Ultralite’s overall burden but also ups its accuracy potential with its rigidity and cut rifling. To boot, it comes with a threaded muzzle—5/8-24 pattern, with factory-installed cap—in case you run a brake or suppressor on the hunt.

Savage 110 Ultralight 3

Savage doesn’t stop there, engineering a number of other weight savers into the rifle, including a spiral-fluted bolt and skeletonized receiver. In the end, your left with a rifle that runs 6-pounds or less, depending on caliber. And to that end, there are ample choices with the 110 Ultralite coming in some eight chamberings. These include standbys such as .30-06 Springfield, .280 Ackley Improved and .270 Winchester, along with new favorites like 6.5 Creedmoor and 28 Nosler.

A tidy package fit for a serious back-country hunter, but it will still cost you. Savage has a $1,499 MSRP on the rifle, which compared to a stock 110 hunter is a bit steep. But shop other mountain rifles, it comes in at a relative bargain—one certain to make your next high-country adventure much less backbreaking.

Savage 110 Ultralight 1

110 Ultralite Specs:
Action: Bolt
Barrel Color: Black Carbon Fiber
Barrel Finish: Matte
Barrel Length: 22-24 inches (depending on caliber)
Barrel Material: Carbon Wrapped Stainless
Calibers: 308 Win., .270 Win., 28 Nosler, 280 AI, .30-06 Springfield, .300 WSM, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC
Magazine Capacity: 2-4
Hand: Right
Length of Pull: 13.75 inches
Magazine: Detachable Box Magazine
Overall Length: 42.5 inches
Rate of Twist (in): 1 in 10 5GR
Receiver Color: Melonite Black
Receiver Finish: Matte
Receiver Material: Stainless Steel
Stock Color: Grey
Stock Finish: Matte
Stock Material: Synthetic
Stock Type: Sporter
Weight: 5.8-6 pounds (depending on caliber)
MSRP: $1,499.00

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