Democrats 2020 Gun Ban Agenda The Latest Killeed By COVID-19

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Reports have it that Democrats in the Colorado Legislature have given up on passing their 2020 gun ban gagenda

This is of course good news for the law abiding citizen gun owners who make up by far the majority of Colorado’s citizens. While there is no chance of persuading a Democrat to change what passes for a mind, it just brings the time closer when Colorado can get back to traditional voting and throw the gun ban nuts out.

After all, here is what gun control did to Colorado, and the only cure for that is to repeal the laws that brought on the rise in crime. and as usual, youi can verify those FBI numbers here

The red columns on the right show the results of millions of dollars of out-of-State gun ban industry money flowing into the State. A trend that has continued, except a brief declune due to the Trump economy, until the coronavirus shutdown.

And let me add this is the first time I have heard of the Coronavirus doing anything good, but there is a first time for everything.


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