It Has Been Two Years Since A Young Man Stole A Gun And Shot Up His School, But Survivors Are Working Franticly To Make Those Horrible Crimes More Common

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The Rabidly Anti-Gun Houston Chronicle reports that it has been two years since the Santa Fe High School was attacked by a young man with a stolen gun, and Survivors are trying desperately to impose more of the laws that brought on this tidal wave of school shootings:

It has not been that long since school shootings were rare, and adolescents shooting up schools was entirely unheard of. Instead of fifty or more dead children every year, we had one or two teachers killed by a spurned suitor every decade – or less. The chart below shows the annual number of casualties in school shootings in the US, and the “watershed” when the tide turned and school shootings jumped, because ininformed legislators thought you could stop human activities with a law giving the perpetrators what most wanted.

As you can see, the year spurned suitors murdering pretty teachers came to a halt – and students who had been turned down “by the only girl in the world I want” and who gets revenge by murdering the girl and all of her friends became popular. That year of 2010 jad ;aws making schools gun free zones, filled with helpless victims free for the killing. Since the law went into effect in the fall term, later years showed even more violent reactions.

Now that the law is in place and well over 1,000 lives have been cut short in school shootings if students did not have to pass signs reading “Gun Free Zone” and implying that a lovelorn adolescent will inveriably read as “Plenty of easy victims” one would think those responsible wouild look at the results and be ashamed.

But they are not. Instead, they believe they are innocents who absolutely know there were no crimes before there were guns. Something that ignores a lot of history, starting with Cain.

It is time to repeal those killer gun “control” laws, but the only way we will get sensible laws in place is to give the gun ban lawmakers their retirement votes. And the sooner thy go, the sooner rational people can take their place.


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