How NOT to Load an M1 Garand!

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“Garand Thumb” is NO fun!
Granted, as has been pointed out, if you get your thumb out of there quickly, you can load successfully without losing your thumb. The main reason this technique I’m showing is taught (And I use it always) is that it saves your thumb whenever you are messing with your M1 Garand, whether you are not getting the bolt back all the way, unloading the rifle, just checking the action, loading a partially loaded clip, etc. Probably most commonly, one gets his or her thumb caught when just working the bolt on an empty chamber, due to not getting the bolt back into the lock position. The Garand is wonderful, but the action and loading system is a bit odd, which results in a better chance of getting “Garand Thumb” in some way when trying to get the gun locked back, loaded, or whatever. I never pull the bolt back unless I have my hand against that operating rod; others can proceed however they prefer. 🙂 Don’t forget to visit the Hickok45 store:
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