Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets

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What is a “Hard Cast” bullet? I try to explain and demonstrate what this means.

By the way, I’m having so much fun with my hammer that I don’t think I mention it in the video, but the primary reason for hard cast bullets is that they are less expensive than jacketed or plated bullets and they also are easier on the rifling of a barrel if you shoot tens of thousands of rounds.

Generally speaking, soft lead needs a jacket or some sort of plating to prevent leading in the barrel. “Hard cast” lead bullets are a harder alloy, which helps to prevent so much lead accumulating in the rifling of the barrel. There are other factors, such as powder charge, exact barrel and bullet size, but harder bullets will usually lead the barrel less. It’s better not to stoke them up to much over 1,000 fps or you can increase the amount of leading. With jacketed bullets, leading up the barrel is not a concern.
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(Note: These descriptions were last updated on 9-18-19).

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