“Behind Every Gun Law Is A Mom, Marching For Her CHildren”

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The Hill does something that is fairly rare among reporters, do a story that destroys a firmly held belief, and be oblivious to how what they are writing applies to their won beliefs. https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/498009-behind-every-gun-law-is-a-mom-marching-for-her-children

Behind every gun control law, whether it has been proposed or enacted, lies at least one mother doing the best she can to protect her children The problem is not the mothers so much as it is the people who invent the tales the mothers believe.

There was not all this “gun control will end violent crime for once and for all” foolishness the Socialists like to spew these days. In the beginning , Thanksgiving weekend, 1963 , there was the entertainment industry sitting on huge piles of “violent properties ‘in the can’, and the self styled “Liberals who wanted revenge for the murder of President John F. Kennedy. So anyone who was getting “residual payments” for past work had another reason to join the gun ban parade.

Five years later, a pair of murders tghat were as peculiar as that of Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stirred up the political left, to the point that it be came almost impossible to even discuss rational gun laws other than behind locked doors.

And then in 1993 came the first of the outright gun ban laws, the “Assault Weapons Ban.” In order to get that passed, the anti-gin horde agreed to support a law that would affect criminals. Background checks were authroized, and the FBI was give five years to put the National Instant Background Check System in place.

But Americans, having just been threatened with the loss of gun rights started buying guns 0 and relaxing the laws on possession and carry. And while some State laws were rigid enough to keep those States crime rates very high, the States that relaxed their gun laws were rewarded with dramatic declines in violent crime rates.

From 1993 to 2013 relaxing gun laws cut America’s violent crime rate from 757 violent crimes per 100,000 aookucatuib to Just 372 [er 100,000 population. This is the most dramatic decline in violent crime anywhere on this planet, so far back as the statistics run, and it is all due to some 36 States softening the restrictive gun laws.

So why cannot those States whose violent crime rates are far above the national average follow the good example of the states that have already dropped their violent crime rates?

Because the pitchmen for violence have convinced so many moms that banning gun ownership will keep their child safer.

While a diligent search lasting more than 50 years has failed to turn up eve one of the 58,173 regularly enforced gun restrictions that has reduced crime, or made anyone safer, the well paid propagandists, largely coming from small contributions they cannot afford pay those who will gladly lie if you pay them.

And, coming back to the United States, the chart below shows the US murder rate during the gun control drives from 1963 to 1993, and the fight to relax gun laws and reduce crime from 1993 to 2014, followed by yet another rise in murder resulting from yet another gun control campai9gn.

When the numbers are collected and collated, it is clear that more than 800,000 Americans have fallen victim to violent crime resulting from restrictive gun laws taking all fear of punishment away from our working criminals.

Cruinubaks using stolen and trafficked guns that ar m the criminal underworld. That is one third more deaths resulting from gun control as live in Baltimore, or Washington, El Paso, and many more American cities.

So far as the history of restrictive gun laws goes, there has not been a single such law out of more than 58,000 that has saved a life, made anyone safer, or did anything a rational being would consider a benefit.

And the only way to change that and make those mothers children safer is to get them to help us repeal the laws they want.

And that is going to be a job. so we had best get started.


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