Next Generation Military Sleeping Pad! Savotta Sleeping Mat – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Savotta Sleeping Mat which is essentially the next generation of Military Sleeping pad!

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Price : $54.99

Weight : 2.11lbs / 960g / .96kg

Now, if there’s something the Finnish army can do right, it’s the sleeping gear. Our kip mat is the best one we’ve ever seen, to be honest. These are made by the official army contractor, Savotta. You can see from the price you’ve got quality coming.

Admittedly a traditional sleeping mat is OK, but if you want to take it a few steps further, try this:

Length : 74.8 inches

Width : 39.3 inches

Dimensions when Rolled : 19.6” x 8.66”

Thickness : Just shy of being ¾ inch thick

Skirts :

Fabric : 210D Nylon PU Coated

Anti-Skid : Rubber Coated bottom

The 1,2 cm thick foam keeps cold away and cushions just enough.
25 cm wide foldable extensions on both sides and a 20 cm long one on the foot end. These are super – you won’t touch the wet ground even if you slip while asleep…
…which is unlikely, thanks to good friction on the top of the mat.
Length 190 cm (+ 20 cm), width 50 cm (+ 50 cm), weight 1 kg.
Elastic loops to secure the mat – you won’t be needing extra straps to keep this rolled. You can also use the loops to secure the mat to the rucksack, like some of us did in the army. If you did this wrong, the mat constantly banged against the back of your helmet, which is something that god fairly annoying on a long tab.
Made of very high quality materials. These are meant to work in Finnish weather conditions, which are very cold when they’re not otherwise wet and nasty.
The workmanship is also top notch, and to the best of our knowledge fill the army requirements. Well OK, you wouldn’t expect any less from a kip mat this expensive.
Compared to self-inflatable mats, the advantage of a “traditional” foam mat is the impeccable durability and ease of use. These won’t mind if you happen to shove them into something sharp.

Founded in 1955 Finn-Savotta, or just Savotta, is known for their simplistic and extremely rugged designs. For decades Savotta has been the go-to supplier of hiking gear for the Finnish civilian market and combat gear and tents for the defence forces.

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