As Predicted, Gun Control And Campaigns Fueling Rise In Homicide Rate, Even During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Fox News reports what I predicted long before there was a COVID-19 pandemic, that gun control laws and gun control campaigns would fuel a rise in murder and other violent crimes. Now FOX News is confirming it!

The first place mentioned is Cincinnati, Ohio, where the gun ban industry has been spending millions for “gun control,” particularly a de facto registry of guns and gun owners.

The next city is Louisville, Kentucky, on the other side of the Ohio river, where the story is much the same – with local gun ban activists receiving millions to promote “common sense gun safety” laws that too, would end with a registry of guns and gun owners.

And with minor variations, the story is the same across America. Gun control campaigns have the same effect on violent crime as gun “control” laws. A steep rise in violent crime, the more restrictive the law, the steeper the slope. As in the chart of the U.S. Homicide rate from 1880 to 2017, shown below. Every rise in the homicide rate represented by that chart can be linked to stiffening or relaxing gun laws:

That first sharp rise in crime was triggered by gun laws set off by the murder by explosives of an American governor as a result of labor troubles. The crime rate continued to climb, driven by even more restrictive gun laws until 1933, when the end of Prohibition and the Depression resulted in slackening of enforcement, and relaxation of many gun laws. And once again, in 1963 a gun control campaign sent murder and violent crime rates soaring until States began relaxing gun laws in 1993.

And now we are back to a group espousing a form of Socialism very similar to that Germany adopted in 1933, where gun possession was strictly limited to those considered politically reliable. This doucment is the initial study on just how many lives the Third Reich’s spread of civilian disarmament has taken since 1900L

The only thing other researchers have done to Professor Rummel’s work is to inclue newly discovered data. As of 1999, the total number of citizens murdered by their own government after after their guns were confiscated was found to be 262 million, with Democides since the beginning of 2000 indicates the total at that time was 262 million, while ongoing “reeducation” programs are taking some four million luves a year.

That is a terrible indictment of gun control advocates, and of those who fund and support that evil. But the facts and the numbers are there to back up everything I will say about restrictive gun laws and those who support them.


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