Florida Alert! Future of the US Supreme Court Targeted by Anti-gun Democrats

Gun Rights
DATE:    April 22, 2020
TO:       USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM:   Marion P. Hammer
  USF Executive Director
  NRA Past President

The potential retirement of two U.S. Supreme Court Justices has liberal Democrats on edge.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 87 years old and Justice Stephen Breyer is 81. 

With core liberal issues on the Supreme Court docket, anti-gunners are desperate to find ways to help Joe Biden become the next U.S. President so he can chose the next Supreme Court replacements. Even CBS is reporting it. 

Gun owners need to recognize the importance of who chooses the next U.S. Supreme Court Justices.  This should be particularly important to new gun owners who came face-to-face, during this COVID-19 pandemic, with the reality that gun control is not what they had been told. 

Democrats push Joe Biden to release Supreme Court short list and run on future court battles 


CBS News

April 21, 2020 | 2:32 pm 


The docket of the Supreme Court this year is packed with core liberal issues: abortion access, federal protection for LGBT workers and gun rights. But given the court’s 5-4 conservative majority, liberals are nervous about how those cases will be decided — and how future issues will be resolved if the balance shifts further after 2021. At the same time, they’re also viewing this as a prime opportunity to press Joe Biden to make his case for the White House by running on the judiciary. 

In doing so, Biden might galvanize his moderate base and bring along reluctant progressives. It’s the same approach used by conservative groups for decades. 

“We are about 40 or 50 years behind the conservatives on realizing that a lot of excitement actually happens at the courts,” Indivisible Project’s director of democracy policy Meagan Hatcher-Mays told CBS News. She cited the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding Wisconsin’s primary, which effectively forced voters to brave the polls during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a clear example of how the high court’s decisions can directly impact lives…   READ MORE HERE…. 


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