Gun Ban Activists Celebrate “Great Victory” In Virginia, Regardless Of Results

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Whether they are Socialist or not, gun ban activists seem unable to learn by experience, and Alternet reportedly celebrating their “great victory” in Virginia.

Alternet is a European Socialist media outlet, reportedly subsidized by George Soros, who is no fan of individual liberties. Since that is the case, it should surprise no one that the outlet speaks favorably of banning guns – and of people who refuse to limit criminals access to firearms, but are intent on taking guns from the law abiding.

The chart below, taken from a University of Padua study, titled in part, “Reversal of Misfortune, the Rise in Violent Crime In Europe as Crime in The US Fell” tells the story of the general tightening of European gun laws, the gun ban in the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and the decline of crime in the US.

Except for the downward curve at the top of the UK line, which resulted from the police “fiddling the numbers,” the trends for each of the States in the European Union continue to this day.

The trend for the US also fell to 2014, when a gun ban campaign caused a rise in violent crime and murder rates.

The chart clearly shows the relationship between a few gun control states, a State with an almost total ban on guns, and the US, whch was relaxing gun laws. While this tiny sampling represents only a small sampling of the 25,391 failed gun control and gun ban laws, the most notable fact is that there are “no exceptions. Every regularly enforced restriction on private possession of firearms has had similar results, and every law relaxing the conditions under which citizens can buy, possess, and carry firearms has resulted in lower violent crime rates. Without exception.

Despite that, those who fear those with the ability to dismiss a totalitarian government and install one what will support human rights consistently ignore the results of gun control laws.

And take our rights is exactly what Alternet is pushing in stories like these. By force, if need be.

It is time for a change, and since they are evidently incapable of learning, tell their pollsters you like gun control, and then vote your real feelings. It will give them something to talk about other than how bad law abiding gun owners are.


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