How to Get Free Topo Maps – Map and Compass Skills – Video 1

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NOTCE** Much of the information about the USGS website I talk about in this video has been changed. I am leaving it up because you CAN still download free maps but the navigation through the website is way different now. I am going to try to make an update video soon. Also, honestly, if you can afford it I recommend buying a map if you plan to use it a lot. You can get a custom centered map in a range of scales from These can be printed on water-resistant, tear-resistant paper that doesn’t need batteries and the price is fair. That is where I get any topo maps I need these days. They use the same USGS map database but they just do it better.

USGS Quick Start Guide (Very good guide- READ THIS!):

Here are a couple of links to some compasses to check out (links support this channel):

My compass – Suunto MC-2:

Cammenga Military Lensatic Compass:

Also, you can check out more of my recommendations on the Survival On Purpose Amazon store here:

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