April 15, 2020 COVID-19 Numbers

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Well, it seems the big Limburger at the World Health Organization is begging Trump to change his mind and send money. I don’t think so, myself, and if the outfit with the big glass building in Gotham and this statue on the laws:

…wants to keep on trying to take our gun rights by treaty, they can pack up and move to Tehran, and beg us to send money.

Anyhow, it seems the President is getting to open up the states that seem past the peak, or never had a peak, for business and then open the rest as new infections fall. It cannot be too soon for me.

With that here are the latest Coronavirus numbers.

Globally, there were a total of…

2,071,710 diagnosed cases reported, with a total of

137,029 deaths for a mortality rate of 6.6%.

For the United States, there were

639,475 diagnosed coronavirus cases reported, with…

27,967 reported deaths, for a mortality rate of 4.4%.

And I will keep digging for a while but as quiet as the gun banners are, I probably will not find something else to post about until the wee hours.


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