Primitive Survival: Build wooden house underground

Primitive Survival
Primitive Survival: Build wooden house underground
We try to go to the forest and live for a while. bring nothing of the modern world.
Using hand, wood to clean, dig up land for housing.
Picking stones, putting stones around the house.
Using stones to cut trees and to frame the house
Using creepers to fix the tie points.
Dig holes buried columns, add small stones at the foot of columns to fix columns.
Use diagonal roof to avoid stagnant water.
Get water to knead the soil.
Grasses keep the house out of raining, avoid the attention of wild animals.
Remove the leaves on the roof and around the house.
Apply a layer of leaves under the grass and then water the grasses to keep it always green.
Under the grass, there is a lot of soil for the grass to live on the roof.
Using trees to make door.
Nour the soil around the house, avoid water, crawl into the house

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