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Regular readers will recall a fuzzy chart of tje IS Jp,ocode. ,irder. rate since 1950 to 2018, the last year final FBI Uniform Crime Report numbers are available. I discovered, to my outraged disgust, found the anti-virus program decided the USB sticks were backup drives. So when I try to use a stick drive to transfer a file, the stick destroys itself. And the file. So after concluding it will take another computer and deck of software, I farmed the job out. Let’s see how she did.

OK, Since it will be replaced again when the 2019 numbers come out after Labor Day.

In the meantime, let me not that one error in the chart has been corrected. I had a troll a few years ago who claimed the Disaster Center spreadsheets were bogus, so I put a 1 point rise in the chart and waited for her to say something. Dead silence for five years, so the chart nw completely agrees with the FBI data, except for two years of the print version, turned into mold by Hurricane Katrina.

Incidentally, I may get to add the period from 1875 to 1880 to the long version.


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