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Offering to help you prep the most extensive of feasts, a double oven doubles up your cooking space, so you can work on more than a single meal component at a time. Save time by checking out the list of the best double ovens available today.

Any modern kitchen would benefit from these nifty meal prep wonders. And if you’re hoping to double the convenience for that upcoming get-together, here’s what you need to know about choosing a double oven.

Size Considerations

Most double ovens feature two ovens of the same size, but there are others that combine one full-sized oven and a microwave oven or a half-sized oven. The half-sized oven can be significantly smaller and may have limited features compared to its full-sized counterpart.

To find out how much space you need, consider the kinds of meals you want to prepare with your oven set-up. For households that see lots of guests throughout the year, going all out with two full-sized ovens should be a smarter choice.


There are three different types of double ovens based on placement. Choosing the right one depends on the kind of space that you have in your kitchen and the purpose that you intend to use your double oven for.

  • Built-in – The built-in double ovens are often the most expensive for residential kitchens, fitted directly into your kitchen space for easy accessibility. They come with either two full-sized ovens, or with one that’s slightly smaller than the other.
  • Freestanding – Freestanding ovens are those that quite literally stand on your floor, making them easier to install and more affordable. They work just as well as built-in double ovens, but they can feature a range top as well. However, they are also a little more difficult to access especially since the lower oven can be particularly close to the ground.
  • Side-by-side – You won’t usually see a side-by-side double oven in a residential kitchen. Typically found in commercial kitchens, these heavy-duty models come with a full range of features and cost a bit more than built-ins.


Double ovens can perform all the various functions that your average, run-of-the-mill oven might do. But what you need to consider is whether you need both ovens to be able to execute all of the same functions. For instance, a full-sized oven capable of baking, broiling, grilling, roasting, drying, heating, and everything in between might become your go-to workhorse if it’s paired with a limited half-size oven.

Then again, there are households that need the force of two fully equipped ovens operating simultaneously. In this case, a half-sized oven might not be enough to satisfy your meal prep needs.

Added Features

  • Pyrolytic ovens are fitted with a system that allows the appliance to reach exceedingly high heat, turning any residue into ash for easier cleaning.
  • Fan forced ovens use heated air that pushes through the interior to achieve a more even, consistent roast.
  • Warm and hold is another intuitive feature that lowers temperature down to a suitable warmth to keep food hot and ready to serve after it’s done cooking. Consider which features you’ll find most helpful, and try not to be persuaded by functions that look nice on the surface, but won’t really be practical later on.

Double-Check Your Choice

A double oven is no simple purchase. So, before you take the leap, make sure you consider all of the features that can make or break your brand-new kitchen addition. Know your needs and go for a double oven that matches your unique dynamic to guarantee your satisfaction.

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