New CZ P-10M Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol Announced

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Described as ideal for self-defense, CZ just released the smallest and lightest pistol in its CZ P-10 series.

Purpose-built for daily concealed carry, the downright diminutive CZ P-10M is a micro pistol with the same lineage as the popular P-10C series handguns. Using a 3.35-inch barrel, the new polymer-framed 9mm runs 6.34-inches overall with a 20-ounce weight.

A catalog image of CZ P-10M pistol

A new micro-sized CZ P-10M pistol (Photos: CZUB)

With that, the CZ P-10M is directly comparable to the Glock G43, which is also a single-stack 9mm, although it should be noted that the Czech gun has a 7+1 capacity against the Austrian’s 6+1 with standard flush-fit mags.

A catalog image of CZ P-10M pistol

The CZ P-10M (M= Micro) runs a 7+1 single-stack magazine and has a height of 4.42-inches. In its current version, it has front and rear slide serrations along with night sights.

The new gun is only listed on CZ’s European website, not on CZ USA’s, and was likely meant to be unveiled at the now-canceled IWA Show in Germany this month. The event often sees new firearms from European gunmakers such as Beretta, Walther, and others debuted several months or even years before they are seen in the U.S., providing a sneak peek of sorts for what will show up on gun store shelves in America.

Likewise, it doesn’t appear the CZ P-10M has enough points due to its small size to be importable to the U.S. as a sporting gun.

But don’t despair! You see, CZ is currently building a 65,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, in Arkansas, which could point to the P-10M being on the facility’s “to do” list in the coming months. When the plant was announced last year, the initial start-up was planned for March 2020. Although no MSRP is available, it should be noted that CZ P-10 models currently on the market run between about $385 and $559, depending on features.


A catalog image of CZ P-10M pistol with the caption, "For those in the know"

For those who know…

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