6 BEST Survival / Bushcraft Saws for Bug Out, Camping: Silky, Bahco, Leatherman, Sven, Bob Dustrude

Survival Tips
Discover the Top 6 BEST Packable, Folding Saws: Silky Pocket Boy, Bahco Laplander, Silky Big Boy, Sven Folding Buck Saw, Leatherman Wave, Bob Dustrude’s Quick Buck Saw and Leatherman Super Tool. Which is THE King for Bug Out Bags, Bushcraft, Survival, Camping and Emergencies…

Welcome to the Ultimate Survival Saw Showdown…

If you want to make your life a whole lot easier in the backcountry or in a survival situation… you might wanna add a great folding and multitool saw you your kit. Any of these great saws could help keep you alive in a pinch.

Let’s Jump In and Take a Look…


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As Promised…

Here Are Links to ALL the Gear in this Video:

1 ) Bob Dustrude’s Quick Buck Saw

2) Silky BigBoy Extra Large Folding Saw

3) Bahco Laplander – Bushcraft Saw

4) Silky PocketBoy – Pocket Survival Saw

5) Leatherman Wave MultiTool Saw – for EDC / Survival / Bushcraft

6) Leatherman Super Tool – MultiTool Saw – For Bushcraft

7) Sven Folding Buck Saw

8) Eberlstock G1 Little Brother Backpack

9) Eberlstock J79 Skycrane Pack (my G1 Little Brother (above) is part of this larger system)

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