Dry Season Fishing 2020 – Looking for fishes in dry lake got many fishes​ in secret hole

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Today, We have new fishing video about ” Dry Season Fishing 2020 – Looking for fishes in dry lake got many fishes​ in secret hole”.
Actress : Sophan.
Cameraman : Phlook Viden.
Copyright : Food Culture Recipe Channel.

Today, I make video content about catching fish in dry season. I went down to try lake near my village which have many fishes during rainy season. I find fish in the mud and under mud then i found fishes hole, Oh my good i found many fishes in that hole about 6kg fishes that enough for my dinner and lunch.

Dry Season in Cambodia from January to June. The water in pond, canal, lotus farm, and other are gone. Some fish may died, some fishes find new water sauce for living, some fishes stuck in the mud, some fishes make hole for living.

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