Inexpensive and Very Functional – Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove – Review

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Luke is back with a review of the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove!

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Price : $21.99

Crafted with high quality stainless steel which can stand high temperature and weight.
Pot stability – 3 arms pot support system creates a stable cooking platform and distributes heat evenly.
Free & Easy-to-get fuel – can simply use twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as fuel.
Compact and lightweight with carrying case[5.3″ x 5.3″ x 3″, 400g / 14.2 oz] – can simply be tossed in a bag without worry.
Environmentally Friendly: No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions.
Camping Stove can use either firewood or solid alcohol to cooking.

With the right materials, you can have a solid fire going in less than 40 seconds.

With any stove, a wind screen will be of a value on windy days.

Pros :
It’s fairly small but holds a large amount of wood.
Carry bag will go a long way to keep soot from getting all over everything.
Burns very cleanly. Very little smoke. Lots of heat.
Burns to ash if you allow it to burn long enough.
No batteries to charge like some stoves.
Easy to mashup/clean
Will work with a wide range of pots
Great little stove for backpacking, emergency use and even survival
Sturdy. No issues with stability

Cons :

Some parts to this stove are thin and you need to be careful with them.

Some small pots or cups may not work on this stove.

There is an alcohol component to this stove but to be honest, I haven’t gotten around to using it.
I wouldn’t carry this whole thing to burn alcohol in.

Excellent for backpacking, car camping, kayaking and so on. Good build quality.

Excellent price. It really shows you what you can get for a low price.

Water boiling with perfect conditions in less than 3 minutes

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